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Did you know that the Bible clearly teaches that “my will” is “evil?” (see James 4:13-17).  Biblically, when we choose our will over God’s will, we are acting “arrogantly,” which God describes as “evil.”So, we’ve got quite a challenge then, don’t we?  Because all human “strength” tempts us toward “my will.”  Whether riches, fame, power and influence, beauty, physical abilities, intellectual prowess or simple choice, all are tools in the hands of the devil when they are not submitted to God.
Indeed, the choice of “my will” over God’s, gives the devil “place.”  This is why sinful emotions (i.e. anger, greed, lust), when acted upon, give the devil the “opportunity”
(see Ephesians 4:27), that he craves.
“The glory of young men is their strength…” -Proverbs 20:29
But the glory of wise men is their weakness! (see 2 Corinthians 12:7-9).Hmmm…That sheds new light on the instruction: “Finally, be strong in the Lord, and the strength of His might.”   -Ephesians 6:10

Doesn’t it?

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Light and Darkness

LIGHT Live 28th Sept



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The Mother of Harlots: how do you see things?

The title of this post: “The Mother of Harlots: how do you see things?” is a rhetorical title. I didn’t write this post as a theological debate, for using the scriptures, for people to justify their doctrinal positions. I am addressing the spiritual condition in this post of those brethren, who move in power as an actual follower of Christ; in contrast with the “broad road or nominal Christian”, who does not, and uses their carnal or natural understanding to try and teach people into Christ, which cannot be accomplished, as salvation is God’s work alone.

I have learned a great deal of how to distinguish between actual brethren, who are disciples in the Lord, as opposed to those who claim his name; but do not move in the “SPIRIT OF TRUTH” who is Christ in us. Disciples of the Lord are instructed to be able to discern such spiritual truth, (1 John 4) and avoid those who of the “spirit of error” which is always found by not abiding in Christ… The following is how it appears, and is understood by an actual disciple of the Lord, when Bible is taught in the flesh. The gifting and calling of ministry, can only be given by God, to the man of God, who has a heart for “HIM above all else”, including their status within the world, and  in particularly the world’s —

“Church System” – which is Babylon, and ( state orchestrated Christianity) : the Mother of Harlots, as found in Revelation 17: 9- 12 – who sits upon the beast was seven heads, seven mountains, the seven hills on which Rome stands; and seven kings, seven sorts of government.


Sharing one’s life in Christ is one thing; but listening to a Bible study, taught by one who doesn’t “know him” : only all about him, is like taking direction from a stranger, about someone in your family which you know; and is downright insulting!

Do you have to do a study about your father, whom you already know and walk with..? The answer is of course no… I sure don’t, but people who have never “seen him or known him” do.

The difference is purely spiritual, (test the spirits to see which ones are of God) and these types of spiritually directed academics; are like what the scribes and Pharisees did in Jesus’ time. These of academics are spiritually dead, and so they *can’t* understand, and are repelled by what the spiritual man in Christ is actually talking about! He is seen as no more than a loon, or a mental defective, from the position of human understanding.

The motivator for most of this religious activity; is because most professed Christians “think” they know the Lord God, and follow him; but in actuality they do not. The one who sins, has “neither seen him nor known him”: (as sin creates separation from God) is what the text is actually referring to. Hidden pride, religious, academic or otherwise, is also equated into this sin scenario, so don’t think it is just talking about the sins which is most visible to everyone.

These false brethren lay in wait, for a child of God, who knows and follow him in spirit, and in truth. Revelation 17 describes this false Church (Ecclesia) “the mother of harlots”, who is drunk on the (spiritual life) blood of the Saints! This is deadly serious and real stuff, and it would be easier to write me off as some sort of nut job; than to heed what I am attempting to put over. The scripture teaches most will not heed this type of warning, as most are a part of the Babylonian world, systematic theologies, which equate to Revelation 17, 18, 19.

Great Harlot REV 17

The Mother of all Harlots; drunk on the blood of the Saints.

The world has its own set of standards which they use to measure others; “psychological profiling” of the prophets of old, would have portrayed them as a bunch of nut jobs, because they could function in the spiritual realm, and seen by the natural mind as off the rails, even amongst their own people. This is why in predominant western cultures, people only feel safe in using the scriptures; and will not allow themselves to enter into the deeper work of being transformed into the image of Christ by the Holy Spirit, once they have been born again.

So, the Church of today has become merely a shell of what it once was, as brethren will not follow, nor move in obedience to his voice within them, if they have indeed started by being born again in the Lord. The natural man is also; only able to move in the futility of their natural minds, so this creates a bonding of sorts, between the unregenerate soul, and the actual child of God, who may have had some limited spiritual experiences, yet chose not to move forward in Christ.

They then become stagnant and will eventually die, from hardness of heart towards God. In other words, most will move in “lip service towards the Lord”, but will not follow him, or get to know him as they are instructed to do within the scriptures. Once saved always saved; is a broad roader’s doctrine, who will not be made conformable to Christ’s image, by the renewing of their minds. Such people, who may have started with Christ, are then handed over; to what they love more than him. This is the spirit of anti-Christ, an enemy of the cross of crucifixion, to the old man.

The Churchmen who has never been born again of the Holy Spirit, feels quite at home, and in their element with this type of broad roader, which Jesus warned his disciples about.These type 2 (broad road) and 3 (nominal) Christians, are the enemies of the cross which Paul spoke about; and these false brethren are gravely dangerous, to the actual disciple’s spiritual health!

This is why it is written: they had not a love for the truth, that they might be saved (in the end). These are the false brethren, which a disciple is told to turn away from. Having a form of Godliness, but not the power (authority) thereof. The reason for this, is that type of spiritual poisoning, will slowly kill the spiritual life, of an actual follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, by diverting them to another gospel. The true Gospel is only found by abiding in the vine; who is Christ himself, and is much, much, more than repeating some words, found within the Bible in pointing people towards salvation.


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Ethanol and the Democrats; driving food prices and gasoline up and up!

Since this is my blog; I decided to write my opinion about something that has bothered me for awhile now. This dag-um Ethanol, which has destroyed some of my small engines I own, and has no shelf life for storage. It is “green fuel garbage”, and the sad part is, most people will dispose of it (properly or not) once it goes bad. And that won’t help the environment either. So the state make stricter laws, and stiffer penalties to boot, attempting to force people to conform… What a waste of, time, money, fuel, and food this ethanol is!

The next time you go to the grocery store notice just how much high fructose corn syrup is in processed foods. One of the worst  of food sweeteners contributing to obesity, and other health problems, who people like Michael Obama say they are against, and probably are: but their is a bigger issue that needs to be considered.

Not only does “burning corn” contribute to high and unneeded fuel costs, but in essence you’re burning up in your tank, a high percentage of our agricultural resources. Grain prices are forced up and up too, for feeding cattle, and other livestock to eat; even before they are driven to market using ethanol blends of gasoline and diesel. It is a “costly, and horrible cycle”, costing more for you, and you is family to eat; all while trying to fuel your vehicle as well.

In essence, Americans are depleting their food and fuel supply; when in fact – drilling for more oil, natural gas, even coal could be used and refined, for fuel clean consumption in America, and would have little to no impact on the environment; if regulated properly, as studies have shown.

The answer to this problem lies in the, “green energy VS fossil fuels” debate, which is kicked around as a political football – pure and simple! This  politically motivated “voodoo” science, promoted by educators, and the media, is to keep people voting the way the democratic party prefers they vote.

The industrialized big business of OIL, GAS, COAL for example, was primarily orchestrated and moved forward by the Republican Party, during the age of industrialization. And of course it was; “lining the pockets of the big business barons”,  this is called Capitalism. It was Capitalism, which produces of jobs for the population, and a higher standard of living to most. It was Capitalism which produced the power house of a Nation, which we still enjoy today! Yet corruption and ungodly conditions still existed, so, unions were formed by the workers, forcing business executives to pay for higher wages, benefits, and a higher quality of living for the working class, and pushed forward primarily, by the Democratic Party representatives.

That would be great, if this cycle stopped here. But it doesn’t, as for the lust of power and control, the two party’s battle for top positioning.

As a result, the creation of a “green energy doctrine” by the Democrats had to be formed; in order to take away power and control of the “fuel industry” and predominantly the Republican Party. Then Taxation laws and labor costs, also contribute to the greed of both parties, and their lust for control of the population using finances, and the rhetoric of racial and class warfare as a motivator towards voters.

Have you ever wondered just why the fuel industry, agricultural industry, and the medical industry are under such pressure nowadays?

The answer is because of party politics, greed and a lust for power by both sides of the isle; and to “hell with the American Citizen” by these elitists… Who by the way is being replaced by illegal’s immigrants, who largely will vote democratic?

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Rebellion of Korah, Numbers:16

Rebellion of Korah (part 1)

September 26th, 2014

A very interesting and pertinent look at this passage of Scripture, done in three sections.

Rebellion of Korah, Num.16 (part 2)

September 26th, 2014

The next section of this exposition of Num.16


Rebellion of Korah (Part 3) Num.16

September 26th, 2014

This is utterly startling stuff!  The spiritual myopia is just shocking.  This is what happens when churches go off into sin, they just cannot see.



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Ready For A Fight?

Published on Sept 25, 2014

Time to take back our place as head of the wicked. As God our Father moves to deal with the wicked fake Christians I hope we are going to see some great stuff.


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Satan’s Church of today.

SIN is the issue ; “not how it manifests itself in people”.

As an actual follower of Christ, “in spirit” one MUST discern (1 John 4) – and discriminate, just who are actual brethren, and who are not.

If a person could not make such a judgment call, then they could not tell: if they were “unequally yoked together” with a non believer. The problem is, that people who have not been born again of the Holy Spirit, do not realize it; as they are “spiritually dead, and have no discernment” nor power over sin! But don’t try to tell them that, just walk away if at all possible, as the scripture instructs us to do.

This Church centered, pluralism, hypocrisy, heresies, apostasy, are all the result of God giving people over; to what they love “more than HIM”. Or in other words, for not having “a love for the truth”, that they might be saved.

This is called the age of “strong delusion” and it is particularly aggravating, to an actual disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ: when sin is promoted by the false brethren, who claim his name!

Who do you think will be on the throne for all humanity on judgment day..? Who will cast the vast majority into the lake of fire, to be burned with Satan and his angels..?

The answer is Jesus Christ, the savior and JUDGE of the entire world!

This portrayal of an “unrighteous love” for everybody, and every sin is what these heretics promote in the name of God; and so they deceive many.


Megachurch Pastor John MacArthur: Denominations That Allow Gay ‘Marriage’ Are ‘Satan’s Church’

 Mega church pastor: Denominations that allow gay ‘marriage’ are ‘Satan’s church’

John MacArthur on Christians, Business, and Gay Marriage (Selected Scriptures)

Prominent Christian Pastor Stuns Evangelicals With This Shocking Endorsement of Gay Relationships 


The homosexual agenda has no tolerance for disagreement. You’ve likely read stories about Christian wedding vendors being protested, sued, and even run out of business for refusing to participate in homosexual marriage ceremonies. Even some churches and pastors have come under fire for simply holding fast to their biblical beliefs and refusing to host or officiate a gay marriage.


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