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A little girl received a small chick which she adored. Worrying about losing the little chick as he grew, she pushed and pushed on him to try and hinder its growth. One day the little girl came out to visit her pet chick, but it was dead as she had crushed the chick slowly to death as to not allow it to grow.


The selfish desire of the little girl to have and hold the baby chicken finally killed him.

This is how I have felt many a time as a baby Christian, born again of spirit and given life by my Heavenly Father by grace. Yet others attempt to squeeze, crush and to manipulate you into what they want you to be.  These type people often feel that they are superior to a child of God, and that they know best, what it is that they should do for them, acting independent of the Father in heaven.


Jesus said that he would build HIS CHURCH, and that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. So why do certain people feel that they can do a better job than God, in being overly involved in a child of God’s life? Just like the little girl, they want to be in command and control of another with a misplaced affection, even though they may not see it.


As a child of God in Christ, I feel that I have suffered this same type fate, of being crushed oftentimes like the little chick. Yet our Lord promises that a child of God was created for his purpose, and although tested under the pressure of life by others, we are not given more than we can handle on a spiritual level. What we do learn however, is how to push back against this pressure, and in doing so develop spiritual muscle, not unlike a weight lifter pushing against more and more dead weight.


Always remember that our spotter, the Lord Jesus Christ, is always with us and he will never allow the pressures of life to be able to kill us. Like Job, we can be tested to extremes to see how we will react within our hearts, and even have the ones closest to us say – “curse God and die” (spiritually speaking) in our faith. Yet we must push ever harder in faith upon our Lord, despite the accuser of the brethren and his cohorts, trying to subvert us away from the truth, found only in abiding in the person of Jesus Christ, the spiritual link to our Father in heaven. 


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