Love not the world, a forgotten message

Being a true man of God and moving in obedience, has nothing to do with putting on a clergy suit, or street jacket reading Chaplain. Rather it has everything to do with moving in Christ, in total dependency to his leading, and not drawing attention to one’s self while doing ministry in his behalf.

These words I have written are cutting, as this is the gifting the Lord has given me in the form of a sword. Speaking the truths of God (or word of God) is just that; sharper than a two edged sword… Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living, and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and quick to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart… This is a potentially a dangerous gift to be given, and will not make one popular amongst the world, and even less amongst the world Church structuring and its followers.

This is why it is written in Luke 14:26 Young’s Literal Translation
‘If any one doth come unto me, and doth not hate ( having a strong dis-preference for)
his own father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers, and sisters, and yet even his own life, he is not able to be my disciple;

This means that if you have no desire to put aside everything that even remotely competes in one’s heart in following Jesus Christ your stuffed, and are moving down the broad road towards your own spiritual suicide!

Biblical doctrines or beliefs about Jesus, will not allow you to enter into the Kingdom of heaven, (which Jesus said was within you, when having been born again by the spirit). The human soul is the issue here foremost, not just the intellect or mind. This is why the scriptures always speak about the “sifting of men’s hearts”, and not one’s understanding. Intellectual understanding is fine concerning proper doctrines, yet more importantly we can only receive proper understanding when revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, by abiding in him, who is Christ within us.

Personally speaking, I was raised within a reformed Bible based Church structuring. And I must say, that theologically this type of instruction tracks very closely in sound Bible understanding, yet even its doctrines are not the truth of God; as God is spirit, and we must learn to move and function in him alone, not just a close counterpart in holding correct doctrines.
Also, I personally have discovered that although I was elect of God towards salvation, it is up to me to push into Christ daily within my life, (by the Spirit) and not become complacent in abiding in Christ, having replaced him with something of the world, which I love other than him. As then God would eventually give me over to that thing I love more than him, and I have then taken the broad road, which leads to my own spiritual destruction.

You see dear friends, if we start with Christ, we must finish with Christ! And although I have an understanding of Calvinism, and Armenian doctrines: that understanding will not affect my heart condition, in being a follower of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.
Even more dangerously, if I try to put “God in a box” by my own intellectual understanding, in forcing him into a theological filing system of sorts, I have then just killed the Holy Spirit by using the letter of the law in pride, not allowing God to be the master of my life, but rather me wanting to master him!
If a theologian feels that they must categorize such a heart condition towards the Lord, it would more closely resemble being called a “Calmenian”, yet even that formulation would be to force a spiritual understanding of my Lord, into an academic position, for those who may not even know him.

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