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This issue about ‘gay’ marriage is another one of those Progressive movements that are about something else entirely.  Sure, there are many homosexuals who believe this is about their rights to marry, but they are largely nothing more than useful idiots in a cause they do not even understand.  Have you ever noticed how many otherwise ‘straight’ people push the gay rights agenda?  Once again, they position themselves as fighting for rights and liberty, but they’re not – and it becomes readily apparent when you ignore their words and posturing and look more at who those people are, their political leanings and the rest of their actions.  And then there are those few homosexuals who are fully aware of what is going on.  For them, it is about all of the above.  What is really going on here is one part of a multi-pronged campaign to destroy the influence of…

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Does JESUS licence sin then..?

The twisting of one text to allow evil.
JOHN 8 – Woman caught in adultery.

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March 16, 2013 · 3:14 am

Disaster: Islamic supremacist enabler John Brennan confirmed as CIA director

John Guandolo is the former FBI agent who broke the story that Obama’s nominee for CIA director, John Brennan, converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia — which would explain why he is so hospitable to the Muslim Brotherhood. Last Wednesday on my ABN show, I interviewed John Guandolo.

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March 11, 2013 · 12:17 am

No shame – No light

John 9: 4-5 Jesus said:
I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night comes, when no man can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

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March 7, 2013 · 3:13 am

Jesus taught that in the end days, it would be worse than in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah

ImageGo ahead call me a radical or call me crazy but:

The Holy Spirit spoke loudly in my heart this morning quite early, He said the time will come when men won’t endure sound doctrines!

I have been having horrible sleeping problems lately, in wrestling with the condition of the world today moving towards unspeakable evils. In particular the so called “Church” who claims his name, (Jesus Christ) yet moves contrary in Spirit, to sound teachings regarding (in contexts as a whole) the scriptures. In layman’s terms, this means men cherry pick the scripture to support their particular point of view (s).

Now then, an academic might claim that I am simply doing the same thing here, yet the truth of God is found only by abiding in Christ by Spirit alone, who is the Holy Spirit. The only ones who are able to correctly identify who an actual brother and sister of the Lord are, those who are also following Christ in Spirit and in truth! Why, simply because it is Christ in us (the hope of glory) that actually does the identifying! Simple Bible knowledge between one’s ears will not cut it, and never has made a son or daughter of the Lord.

This is why although evangelism has its place, when called to share the gospel with others, you cannot “teach people into salvation” by using the scriptures alone, as all salvation is a work of God, and he will move as He chooses to move with whom he chooses to move in. Being a follower of Jesus Christ is just that; “following” him and not moving independently to his leading, or becoming an “anti-Christ” when teaching people independent of moving in him. Simply put, for over 1900 years since the Apostle John coined the phrase anti-Christ’s, there have been people who have started with Christ in spirit and in truth, yet have departed from him (in spirit) acting independent of his leading. I’m sorry, but many a seminary has sprung up, who teach the unsaved “Bible doctrines” and theology. In the past, this was normally done in ignorance or in the flesh, with the best of intentions of teaching truth from error to a “Christian informed” people or nation(s).   

 Some may even have been led to start such institutions, and because of general grace, God blessed these cultures and their peoples.

Today however, I can see the difference in the world. They will not endure sound doctrine, this is because Satan is also a spirit being, he too knows scripture (better than any natural man) and has used theology and Bible teaching to divert people from the truth of God, found only by abiding in Christ! The so called “universal or world Church” has taught scripture for thousands of years now. It should ONLY be taught by Elders who are found in Christ, Jesus to the actual brethren, in a gathering of the saints. Yet even the saints have always strayed away from Christ into doctrines which are false, or at least have diverted people in their natural understanding from the head of the body. The original disciples also struggled with such heresies.

Since I am primarily addressing the “Church” today, allow me to note some glaring examples of men not enduring sound doctrine. Most have never been born again of the Holy Spirit, or they could not teach the FILTH that they call “sound bible doctrines”. Others have chosen a divergent path (broad road) having started with Christ, but being given over by God to various lusts.

Jesus taught that in the end days, it would be worse than in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. All sexual sin is an abomination to the Lord outside marriage, and some even defile the marriage bed of God’s people. Yet, Homosexuality had been the most common of the lustful practices which prevailed    along with heterosexual deviancy from God’s created order, and is where we get the terminology sodomy from.

In the past, this was common knowledge within societies. Today however particularly within western cultures, it has been “re-tooled” from its original meaning, to something less specific. This is due mostly because of the “pervert power” grab, in giving everyone “rights” in western cultures for political purposes. Things have changed so much recently, that it has become almost illegal to speak against such behavior(s). On a historical note: every empire which has existed in the world, has allowed pluralism and relativism to exist side by side within their cultures, yet has even put to death those who would dare and disagree, in standing for their faith in Jesus Christ. It is also interesting to note; that in other non western cultures it is also the Christians who suffer the most, even amongst strict religious codes, which reject sodomy to the point of death.

God does not differentiate between sexual sin, and the cross of Christ cries out that we must put to death our sin natures, and walk in the knowledge (Spiritually) of the new life. This is only achieved by being found in Christ Jesus, abiding in him until the day of reckoning. It is NOT some religious formula we follow, nor even our morality. Rather righteousness is only found in walking and abiding in Christ by the spirit. It is a matter of heart (repentance) towards our Lord continually, as he does a work in us of regeneration. This is the Narrow Way that Jesus is speaking about in being his disciples. We must not allow anything or anyone to distract us from following him alone within our lives.

I have found that the most deceptive counterfeit for God’s people in following Christ inwardly is; systematic theologies (Church System) as it looks nearly right, and often uses the scriptures today in justifying its existence. Yet, if it serves anything above having pure obedience to Christ in spirit (love for the truth) who is Jesus Christ, it becomes anti Christ in its nature.

This is why Jesus said, unless a man hate; (strong dispreference for) his Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Wife, and even his own life he CANNOT be my disciple. Also notice that no love for the world or the world’s people can take precedence over a disciple’s heart.

The love of many will grow cold: In this passage the love of many brethren has grown cold towards the truth of God, existing only by abiding in Christ via the Holy Spirit. The fruits of the Spirit are; love joy peace temperance and are only experienced by the saints who are born again of the spirit.

The love of God was in sending his son as a bridge to spiritual life, for those who would accept him. This has absolutely nothing to do with a sort of sentiment in loving the world or people of the world, apart from preaching the Gospel of Christ to the lost.

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