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A grisly Earth Day reminder: Eco-pacifist fraud Ira Einhorn, a killer in P.C. clothing

The truth about who these people are, in the “culture war” against God.

As a conservative with a background in cultural diversity (PC sociology): And while growing up in the 60-70’s; I think this is a good read. Although this type of world view would never be tolerated at a University level today by the humanist’s who have taken control; it speaks to a simpler time before education becoming “God” in our culture.


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Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism Labeled ‘Extremist’ in Army Presentation

Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism Labeled ‘Extremist’ in Army Presentation. (Cross Posted from The Christian Post)

The white man is the oppressor, and if you don’t agree with this “course of study” you’re an educated bigot; is what I and others were told while in the Army’s EO school…

NO KIDDING – in an accredited course in sociology, this is what really is disturbing to me. I personally surpassed many of the other soldiers in the course, as I had once worked in “Street Ministry” while in Baltimore City. The instructors thought I had earned a degree in sociology; so I do not post this article as a matter of having sour grapes, nor out of pride.

We were taught to celebrate our differences in creating a stronger bond in unit cohesion. That was the theory anyway, to build respect and bridges between different peoples by discussion and understanding and mutual respect, rather than deviseveness. Yet today I am afraid that politicians  have turned peoples against one another, in a divisive power grab for personal gain. Men wanting to play God, and Lord political power over one another. I don’t believe the Nation’s founders ever intended, the Government dictates to the population in such a manner. 

A public consciousness is what is needed again, what puritans once called “the fear of God”. A belief in “God as being Supreme”: not “State Supremacy” over individual freedoms, and responsibilities. As no one should be able to  legislate what a free people think or feel. To do so would be tyranny, and death of the human spirit and the primary reason for the U.S. Revolutionary War.

General Douglas MacAuthor once said: “Pluralism is the Enemy, the longer it is allowed to exist, the bigger and bloodier wars it creates”. I’m afraid this is what is occurring in this Country today, as we once were bonded together by a common God, we are now separated by our differences, with no one to mend our wounds.

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Barack Obama a Muslim (antichrist) – what he will do

Could Obama be an Egyptian plant, to bring down the Western world, and empower the Muslim world?
This video clip shows that the President may well be. Then he was elected to office by an unknowing public..? To me, concerning the Benghazi tragedy, coupled with giving U.S. tanks and F-16′s to Egypt, speaks for itself.

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April 6, 2013 · 3:24 am

Old Covenant Mouth

A rather nasty little disease….

@ Lightship Ministries : IT IS FINNISHED, Jesus said. Will is it or not? Sorry but it’s too late in history to play anything else brethren.

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April 5, 2013 · 1:53 pm