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America as I knew her…

When the Pilgrims landed on these shores they attempted to be God honoring people.
The first years they tried socialism, and nearly starved to death. The Native Americans, which Columbus mistakenly called “Indians”, as he thought he had circumnavigated the globe, once thought to be flat. These “Indians” showed the “Pilgrims” the benefit of capitalism and trade.
These “new Americans” soon started to prosper in the new world, to the likes which the old world had never seen! A couple hundred years went by, and the Englishmen who had colonized the “new land” came under a tyranny, in the form of taxation without representation. The Boston tea party was the result, sowing the seeds of revolution in the Colonies.
The first “Continental” Congress was formed, and soon drafted a declaration of independence to the King of England, and the American Revolution was born. The Constitution of the United States was written, and the Bill of rights, which outlined the freedom of a citizen of this new Nation.
I do not wish to whitewash the sins and oppression of others by the white male, who aggressively moved forward in the new world for personal gain. Yet neither do I wish to minimize his contributions in making the world a better place to live, using education, technology, law and order, derived from the natural laws, and the very best of governments ever devised.
Technology continued to evolve, and although slavery still existed in the United States, it was at a minimal until the invention of the cotton gin. A slave boom was born, as the agricultural south needed hands to pick more cotton than ever before, to turn greater profits. The industrialized north also oppressed women, children, and immigrants in their sweat shops, usually in unsanitary and unsafe industrialized buildings. Slavery was also legal in the north, yet only the wealthy could afford them.
Property owners (male) were representative of their households, when it came with the responsibility of voting, to elect officials to office who would represent their interests. This insured a vested interest that outsiders would not have a say in the electoral process, much like many homeowner association functions today. It is my opinion that today only U.S. Taxpayers, and Service members, would insure this vested interest.
The industrial revolution produced American innovations that far out benefitted the world with better living conditions, food, and medicines, which backward and oppressive governments and people desperately needed, normally with the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the attributes of the God of the Bible. In this way alone, did God singularly use the white male, and bless his land and others who practiced a reverence towards him.
World War I and World War II showed the mite and the goodness of an overall God fearing Nation of the United States and Britain. The world was liberated from the “National Socialist Party” of Germany, and kept from the brutal and barbaric oppression of the Japanese. All Americans contributed to this righteous cause despite racism and bigotry.
The 1960’s put a stop to segregation laws, known as “Jim Crow” in separating the races, primarily black. The women’s movement challenged the status quoi of the man being the head of women, and the household. World War II had moved women into the industrial workforce, so the men could be released to fight in Europe and the Pacific. Many women liked this new found independence from men, and a whole new movement began to take shape, in questioning and challenging all authoritarians, and rebelling against traditionally held roles and values.
The Protestant Church soon became infected with the idea of Johnson’s new society, allowing errors to be taught in compromising with God’s word as found in the Bible, and instructed by the Holy Spirit. Science had taken center stage, Marxist style evolution was being taught in schools, and the mind along with theology, had created a caustic solution when mixed with politics. Liberation theology, a political spin off using the Bible to promote socialism, and justice for all, gained momentum. Eastern religions, (the worst being Islam) once held as paganism, was mane streamed into the culture. Women soon were allowed to enter into many seminaries, putting them on a par with male headship and authority, once seen as an ultimate rebellion against man and God’s order.
The U.S. Military Academies were not exempt from a male dominated force, and educational standards were adopted from other Universities, along with sport programs, replacing much of the old military physical, mental, and moral requirements. In short, lawyers were soon involved in every aspect of American life and education.
The Homosexual movement was no exception to this changing and mixing of the cultures, and cultural values. Many a denomination could not even be recognized today by their founding fathers, as compromise, error and even the ordination of abomination was taking place!
On a secular level, books like the Flying Spaghetti Monster mocked, and laughed even at the idea of God and the Gospel. The Divichy code told of Jesus as a natural man, entering into union with the repentant prostitute Mary Magdalene, who I believe was actually demon possessed? In my view liberalism had destroyed many of the universities founded as Christian schools.
Progressivism, mocks God and his natural order, it is rebellion against all that has come before it. The Bible tells us that rebellion is as witchcraft, and the whole world is no longer reverent toward God and his order, so that Satan may rebuild the tower of Babel in world unity, and damned anyone who opposes it! I fully expect to see the man of sin revealed to the world shortly. Most will follow him as God incarnate, and few that it will be who enter into the marriage feast of the lamb. Although many will strive to enter and won’t be able to the scripture teaches. The great horror and her daughters are a depiction of the modern day church. It is the man acting in independence against God, whereas the actual Ecclesia only moves in dependence upon God and his leadings. The modern day church, although a “mega church” in many places, does not know him, nor follow him in spirit and in truth.
Jesus taught that he would build his church, and all that the Father gave to him, would come, it is time to let God be God, look only to him and abandon the world, and love for it. The end days will be like Sodom and Gomorrah before sudden destruction, so don’t be like Lot’s wife and look back at the world because your heart is still with it! I was once taught that the white man is the oppressor; nonsense Satan is the oppressor, and destroyer of worlds. Who do you follow progressives, because it isn’t the Lord God of Israel, but rather your father the Devil. Babylon is going to burn with the rest of the world, as God is righteous and still on his throne, as well as long-suffering and loving to his Son’s and Daughters. But he will not be admitting most into his Kingdom come, may his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
That is the America I remember and served, but she is lost – just like the rest of the world seems to be now.


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Segregation is right, though a touchy subject

The American General Douglas MacAuthur once said that pluralism is the ENENMY, the longer it is allowed to exist, the bigger and bloodier wars it creates! Spot on, but never discussed at a town hall or (church) any longer…

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