The Church Today

The Spirit of the Church today has become that of an Old Testament style setup; having Priests and Pastors (Elders & Deacons) as head.


Yet the original intent was to have actual born again men, to build each other up in Christ, producing more Elders within the body, to assist weaker brethren in the faith to grow in their hearing and following Christ within their spiritual life. The problem comes when we teach those who profess Christ as their Savior; (yet in actuality they only know the scriptures or theology) but are not the Lord’s people!


Through the Centuries Satan has used natural understanding of the Bible and man devised systematic theologies within Western culture, to produce and grow false brethren: who are then only detected by those who actually know, and walk with Christ in Spirit and in Truth. The true brethren, (the actual Sons and Daughters of God) are then driven away by the Spirit of Religion which exists as a demonic counter fit to actually following Christ in Spirit.


Most who start with Christ will refuse to pay the price in letting the Lord be Master of their lives, as they love the world and their own independence, more than their love for the Lord. These nominal and broad road Christians (false brethren) and anti-Christ’s are very dangerous enemies of the cross, and enemies to those who are actual disciples. They will use their knowledge of the Bible, to try and crush the true brethren into submission in conforming to the world, and the world (social) Church.


This is the same type of manipulation that the Scribes and Pharisees once used, to try and trap Jesus Christ and his Apostles: and is spiritual in nature, and not just doctrine.


By, Roland Dell

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