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Truth is only r…

Truth is only received by the spirit of truth, (who is Jesus Christ) all the intellectual Bible interpretation in the world, doesn’t change this fact. I write this statement because of deviant (diversion from the truth) sinful sexual activity, by people who wish to mainline their lifestyles as normal, and consistently twist the scriptural texts nowadays, to bring the righteousness of God, to a new low!

A lie, is only a twisted truth.


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August 29, 2013 · 12:42 pm

Worse than Sodo…

Worse than Sodom and Gomorrah , I think so…

God created Women for the Man, to be a help meet and to nurture his family.
Satan promotes women’s equality (or superiority) to the man. Children rebel against their parents.
God created Sexual desire; a man for his wife, and a wife for her husband.
Sexual deviancy replaces that of the ordained of God; in the Marriage bed.
The tree of knowledge, (head knowledge) takes precedence over the tree of life, (which is Spiritual knowledge – only found by abiding in Jesus Christ) even when concerning sound Bible doctrines.
God’s people compromise for the love of the world, and the sake of the wicket, and allow non believers to fellowship with them – (darkness with light), and false brethren, and anti-Christ’s sneak in among them, causing spiritual death.
God’s division among peoples is replaced by Satan’s world unity.
Loving the world is more important than loving God, and moving only as he moves his people.
Men appear as Women, and Women as Men; they adore themselves with inappropriate clothing, make marks in their flesh, and even mutilate themselves.

V/R, Chaplain Dell

Thought for today…

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August 28, 2013 · 6:05 pm

“Vessels of Light For Christ”

All posts on this blog are from the personal experiences of brothers and sisters in Christ. They are not just “Learned Up Doctrines” from any particular denomination, nor a school of theological thought.

1 John 4 Tells us that we must discern by spirit; what spirit someone is of. A true “born again” disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the only one who is “equipped with the software” to make such a discernment. This is NOT something you can teach to a nonbeliever, as it is spiritually discerned by the Holy Spirit within you alone!

If you know him, you recognize his voice within yourself, as well as other brethren. This type of following Christ in Spirit and in Truth, goes well beyond our natural understanding. The Bible is but confirmatory to the “Kingdom of Heaven Within YOU” if you are being “begotten from above” through the constant regeneration and sanctification; because of the atonement of Christ on the Cross, and Salvation, by Grace alone, and not of ourselves. 

Beware the burdeners: Christian brothers and sisters. Don’t get loaded down by “cares of the world”, like systematic theologies devoid of God do; but rather follow Christ in your heart, as his burden is light!


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GET REAL: (podbean)





Spiritual is real:  podbean.mp3

Live: August 11th, 2013

The things you see in the Scripture are perfectly real and go on today. We need to move in the spiritual or we are sunk. Church is not good enough.

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Something New Is Going On

It is the end of the age, and the “false church” with false brethren have emerged. Paving the way for 2nd Thes. man of sin to be revealed, which most will accept as God the Bible tells us. I can see it can you?

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August 12, 2013 · 12:54 am