Red October in America

It’s Red October in America! The ruling class Democrats and their media have successfully “fundamentally change America”, just like they intended to do! And if you object, you are painted as an enemy of the State!

Racism, sexism, homophobia, is the battle cry of these ruling class elitist’s, as they know all too well how to suppress, marginalize, and destroy the traditional American taxpayer, who would try and fight for individual responsibility, liberty, and personal choice. These elitists are why we are going broke; it is not their money which they earn by sacrifice, labor, sweat and even blood. Yet like all other ruling class tyrants, they have no problem in taking from the people who produce, to live in the lap of luxury.

They provide bread and circuses to keep the ignorant masses pacified; who will continue to support and vote for them as they steal from the actual productive citizenry, just so they may maintain power for a season. Yet total economic collapse, and driving division and resentment in the people’s hearts, finally triggering a civil war to a society which can no longer afford such irresponsibility; which recorded history has always affirmed.

The brilliance of the founding fathers was in designing a Constitutional system that would avoid, and even repair itself if need be, from those who would oppress others by tyrannical abuse of these powers while in office (as a representative of the people). The principles of limited government, having a separation of powers, thus secured the ideals of the free market, personal property and individual liberty by those willing and able to produce for the greater needs of others.

Today most of the articles of the U.S. Constitution have been subverted by an elitist class and their media or are completely ignored.


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