How everything liberals or progressives do, are based in lies and not truth.

God’s ordinances are based in God’s truth and order, and a twisted truth also known as a lie, is what the Father of lies (the Devil) promotes moving fallen man away from God, and his order. Of course I am speaking about natural man’s fallen nature which is spiritual, and is unseen by the spiritually dead.

The remedy for this spiritual regeneration to God is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ, because of his atonement on the cross of Calvary some 2,000 years ago. Yet even those who start with Christ, most often move away from following him in spirit, as they choose not to listen to him nor move in obedience to his voice within them. This normally is because their love for the world and standing in it. This is why Jesus told his disciples to enter in by the narrow gate, and not to take the broad road, which only leads towards their personal destruction.

If Jesus himself could have been tempted to fall, and had fallen, we all would be in big trouble and without hope in ever knowing our heavenly father! We would all be cast into the lake of fire and burnt, along with other fallen beings. This is very serious business; (walking with the Lord) yet rebellion is the cause of the day. Compromise distorts and destroys the truth of God, as to have it, is to move away from his ordinances. This is why strict men (Elders) in spiritual authority, are put there – to protect the actual sheep; the ones who are born again, and following the Lord in spirit and in truth. Not just doctrinal positions. Many in fellowships today, have never seen nor known Jesus Christ personally, they just spew out the proper words and teachings they have picked up, from allowing them in the fellowship with actual believers.

The first trick used by Satan, was in approaching the women, in which to tempt her flesh. The reason is because she was created from the man, for the man (who was charged with her care by the Lord God). So a spiritual principle was used in this attack against mankind. That principle was to hit the women with temptation (and with any luck) pull down the man who was created with more spiritual power (authority) to stand closer to God. The man charged by God with the protection of the woman, and the family. So to make women co- equal to the man is to defy God and his order.

Point two of the great lie, is that we all can be as God, (gods) but we must act with independence and defiance. This is NO PROBLEM for the wicket, as it is in their nature to do so. In God’s creation we see a natural order all around us, so what does fallen man do (progressivism)? He consistently mocks God by acting out in direct rebellion to his creation and order. God gave us food to eat from the ground; progressives use it for fuel for industrial use. He gave us oil in the ground, natural gas and coal to heat ourselves in the winter, cook, and for transportation. Global warming from CO2 emissions has been disproved, and that man has had any bearing on the earth from industrialization. Don’t misunderstand me, we should regulate pollutants to the environment, yet the environment is much more capable of regulating itself, than for those who want to dictate to others their relevancy and control ( IE: politicians). In my book, this is because God is in control of this earth, and not those who wish to play god.

Yet what do we see from the liberal’s; only green alternative energy (some of which I like), yet progressives want to throw away any position that does not suit their power grabs. Such as promoting paranoia like: no fracking , no coal, no oil drilling in our homeland. No pipeline, saying their is no such thing as clean coal, and other such nonsense based on lies, and politically expedient power grabs. They don’t want private enterprise to be able to prosper and develope new technology and jobs, as only they (progressives) know best, and deserve control over the people who support “their government” (the American taxpayer). The school system today now promotes girl oriented goals, and masculinity is consistently put down or feminized. Our military promotes women and immigrants on a fast track, over the indigenous Anglo males who still make up the majority in this nation. Effeminate males are given positions of honor, and conservative men holding time tested (Christian Values) are mocked, being labeled as racist, sexists, or homophobic, a swept aside as irrelevant today. Even the English language has been changed by these so called progressives. Words like Homophobia (not a real word), Gentlewomen instead of Ladies, the abbreviation of Ms. within the women’s movement, instead of Mss., and Mrs., because of their visceral hatred for God and what he says a women and marriage should be. Yes, beneath the surface progressivism wishes to tare down anything of God and his principles, (Christian informed values upon the earth).

Of course this is not normally done with the fore brained idea of overthrowing God’s ordinances, as half the progressives would even deny God’s existence. Everything to them is done in their own understanding, within their natural mind. It is folly to waste ones time in speaking to the wicket about God, or his order. Why, it is because they are spiritually blind, and do not have the capacity to see nor understand truth, found only by abiding in Jesus Christ. This is also why Jesus said he would build HIS church; what he didn’t say was for man to try and build HIS church. But that is a completely different topic.

Beware believer, we are in the end of days, and the Man of sin (Satan incarnate) will be allowed by God to be revealed prior to the great throne judgment of all flesh.

Don’t like the Christian tilt to this article? Well perhaps you can at least acknowledge how the bar has been moved in all things, since the beginning of Christendom within Western Civilization.


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