An Outdated Law…

An Outdated Law You Need to Know About: a Laissez Fair publication: December 7, 2013
Dear Laissez Faire Today Reader,
Did you know that in one town in California, it’s illegal to annoy a lizard in a public park? Or that in Indiana, taking a whiff of glue is a punishable offense? But New York’s law against adultery takes the cake of silly laws still on the books. Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer probably found himself in a pickle about that one after he got caught having an affair with a high-class call girl.

Calling Adultery a silly outdated law, comparable to lizards & glue sniffing is what really takes the cake alright!

This is just one example how Christian informed values from this nation’s past, are laughed at and scoffed at as a big joke! Is it any wonder the blessings of the Creator have been removed from our society today? Faith, the recognition of sin, and sinful behaviors, is all but gone today, from a once moral western culture and society honoring Godly standard which produced once great nations. I am only 55 years of age, yet I can remember the old school value of the family and the sanctity of marriage. Why attack such laws as being silly?

That’s the easy part; to desensitizing people in the culture from their higher moral standards, allowing inferior values to flourish, so that the “most deprived amongst us” can feel equal to, and even superior to anything of the Judeo-Christian belief system. Once upon a time in our history, these cultural and moral values were commonly understood by vastly superior Western Nations and its people. This is not to say we should try and force one’s religious beliefs on another, as this is the Lord’s work alone, and is not up to men to try and force upon the unwilling. Yet it also shows the vast difference between decency and deprivation, and why a civilization hits the skids…

Silly, I really don’t think so; and history validates cultural collapse, as a result of such thinking being called antiquated.


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December 11, 2013 · 2:56 pm

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