Apologizing for the Anglo: World unity is a myth, so get ready for the fall.

When I studied sociology, we were told that the white man IS the oppressor, while it is true that the white man mostly navigated the world, took resources, and held the seats of power, he also educated and civilized the world from tribalism, as late as the 1940’s. Yet it is not inherent just to the white man to be an oppressor, but the fallen nature in all peoples, who is given power over others, without accountability to a higher authority. Let us never forget that the United States was the only nation on earth, in which one race of people fault and died for another. Yet,like Nelson Mandella’s South Africa, and other African Nations of today, Colonialism has been abolished apologized for and replaced, with a so called more balanced approach of social engineering, in lifting up the less fortunate by government social welfare programs, and now days by regulating (to death some) private enterprise.

The idea that a free market system harnessed the ingenuity of manufacturing, and people to compete and grow, was the driving engine in America’s success in the world. In short, it forced people to be productive and to develop natural resources. Yet the thin line of lean government, and over sized government has been crossed. The result is a power grab by ruling elitists, who don’t share their racecourses (earned or ill earned) with the people, but regulates and redistribute to the populace what other people have earned, thus making “everyone equal” in theory.

The problem is that this type of governing has never worked, it overtaxes the free enterprise system by forcing a redistribution of wealth, and driving down incentives to be productive. This type of system (Communal Living) was once tried before in this nation by the Puritans or  Pilgrims, and failed miserably resulting in starvation and death by other people who couldn’t, or wouldn’t work. It was the Native American Indian, that taught trades and capitalism to these Anglo’s from another land, and the free market system was born.

The problem with Communal living, or Communism, is that it does not take into account “human nature” which is based in selfish greed, and want of power over others. The reason the Puritans tried Communism, it’s that they were attempting to overcome this “sin nature” by religious works, having the best of intentions, but not coming to grips with the gravity of depravity within their own communities.

Whereas Capitalism or a Free Market harnesses greed, and power grabs, building  a competitive and productive person. It encourages the best of the best to succeed, and the willing a chance to move up to a higher standard of living. This is what America was built upon, the industriousness and creativity of private people. Now as a Christian, I will be the first to admit that people are depraved and sinfulness (lawlessness) must be kept in check, and held accountable by laws.

This has always been the case in any civilization. We must have a just and a balanced government, to look after the common welfare of a person. That is what the Founding Fathers of the United State brilliantly understood. They  were not to be oppressors, but rather the protectors of the individual, and private property, as a servant of the people. This was done by an electoral process of the people, who instilled their trust in a representative government.

Now anyone who thinks that greed, lies, brutality and even murder, was avoided in this new land, does not understand the depravity of human nature. Oh yes there have been always the oppression and even destruction of innocence and the less fortunate, for this is the nature of man, without the consciousness of a righteous God, our Lord and creator.

When I worked in street ministry for six years, I learned that the only people anyone could help, were people who truly wanted to work their way out of poverty and dependency. The rest would try and “game the system” so to speak, and take advantage of your generosity to them. In short, you couldn’t help these people, they were victims of their own greed, trying to take the easy way out, on the back of someone else.

This is also what will happen when impersonal big government takes control of a population. It is they who decide who gets what when, and how much is enough or excessive. The problem is that they are now in control of the people and personal property. They have complete power, with no checks and balances in place to keep them accountable to the populace.

In short, tyrannical governments always lead to civil war, world wars, and other types of uprisings by  unhappy people. It was the Roman’s who coined the phrase ” bread and circuses” , keep people fed and entertained, and you could maintain power over them. This reminds me of today, we have entertainment up the wazoo, A dumbed down population who cannot or will not comprehend the seriousness of the threat to their own liberties. We have computers, music entertainment 24/7, with most of the Millinials, plugged in by mobile device, most of the time, being consistently hammered by misinformation, or entertainment which appeals to their lower natures.

As one brother put it recently, “Satan can only be in one place at one time” ; but now with the advent of the worldwide net, the “lord of the air” can be almost everywhere at once.

This nation once understood the dangers of Communism, National Socialism,Pluralism and even Humanism: they understood that a unified world, (under a one world government) could not be managed, and that only a madman would attempt such an accomplishment, and fault against it, using lives and national treasure. Big government will always crush, and steal from their supporting poulations, without checks and balances in a court representing its people.

Yet Satan has built his Babylon, (Babble) “again” in his new world order. While the Lord God of Israel still sits on his throne; awaiting natural man’s utter and dismal failure upon the earth. This is where we have arrived in human history, “bread and circuses for everyone”, peace and comfort, until the lords of this world can no longer control the world’s destiny.

Than the apocalypse when the Lord will have to intervene with his faithful, too, crush his enemies and put things right, once and for good, world without end. Amen.


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