Want ANOTHER Reason to Worry about Obamacare???

By Joe Bakanovic
I always like your posts, they are informative and educated. Having some background in sociology myself, I was surprised to see your reference to America’s Eugenics movement. You are absolutely correct, it is what I personally like to think of as man playing god, or man without a consciousness of God::the results are the same!

The Rio Norte Line

What I discovered and wrote about today confirms what I have always told you: these people are real and they do not hide what they think.  But — this time — I found stuff that has me concerned.  Seriously, give it a read and evaluate it for yourself:

AGENDAS: ‘Science’ claims Social Conservatives are Mentally Disturbed

The mentality that lead Germany to accept Hitler’s ‘final solution’ to the ‘Jewish problem’ has never left the minds of those who consider themselves to be the elite within Western Civilization.  It just morphed into another form (this is how evil always operates, and that’s because it cannot survive in the light of day).  Today, this mentality thrives in our society, but then, it is only fitting that it should do so since the Germans got the idea for the Holocaust from the American Eugenics movement. 

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