Removing Barack Hussein Obama from Office

Restoring the American Republic

There seems to be an increasing clamor for the removal of Barack Hussein Obama from the White House. Seems his complicity in the murder of our Ambassador in Libya, the subsequent murders of our elite Seal Team 6 members in Afghanistan in Operation Extortion 17, and the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into our government has folks just a little uneasy and reconsidering their former willingness to overlook one or two of his “indiscretions” in the past.

The fact is ANYONE, especially those who have sworn the oath of office for the military has the power and the duty to remove Obama from office since he has never lawfully been the President. The key to undoing Obama’s destruction has always been in our grasp but too many people have bought the lies of the corporate media. Since before he took the oath in January 2009, loyal Americans have been trying…

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