Miracle Worship Service..?

I just lost another friend on Facebook, simply because I will not compromise with the truth of God, only found by abiding in Jesus Christ.

We are in the last days, brethren, and many who claim to be the Lord’s followers are not! In fact, most are not… To be a follower of Christ, you must be born again in your human spirit, soul (mind) and lastly, after your natural death, you receive a new body.

The human being is completely and utterly cut off from God, in their natural states, even at birth. Many, many forms of Bible doctrines have been taught through the ages; yet there is only one truth. That truth is a spirit, the Holy Spirit (the teacher) only met by the confession of our sins, and sin natures “towards” repentance.

The love of God, which so many churches speak about continually, was an action of God (the Father of Christ). That action was not some sentimental love of everybody and everything in the world, but rather the action of love in giving his only begotten son on a cross, for those who would choose to believe – and follow Christ; the author and finisher of our faith.

Yet, (although I was raised in Reformed Theology) which is “nearly true” by way of natural understanding, it is NOT true that we can slide into heaven by way of providence, (election) which is also quite convenient for keeping members on church pews.

Nay, the truth is: although there are those who are elect “towards salvation” these same people must “push into the kingdom of heaven” that Jesus taught “was within you” (if you are actually born again of the Holy Spirit). This Jesus called the “Narrow Way”, and few that it would be, who find it. Jesus told his DISCIPLES to enter in this way; loving the truth of God (only found by abiding in Christ).

Even as far back as 50 AD, there were many false brethren, Paul called them the enemies of the cross. John coined the name “anti-Christ’s”, who started with them!!!    I can tell you that  I personally have had a miraculous healing, seen healings, demons and some miracles (a couple were just a few months ago). Why? Well, two reasons, primarily, to build my faith, and recently, as a reward for obedience to my Lord. God moves in whom he wills, when he chooses, only an enemy of the cross would teach otherwise!

You CANNOT accomplish this type of relationship with God, by any other way than choosing and allowing your sin nature to be CRUCIFIED at the cross… And most will not pay the price. NO sir, most want to be recognized in the world, to be a “LEADER” in the Church system, an intellectual, to be rich in the world in some way,and to look good unto men! (Having a form of Godliness, but not the power thereof, from such TURN AWAY! And don’t argue doctrine with them, is what I say. To HELL with that, says I; that is where people who start with Christ,and don’t finish end up…. Hades, translated death, is like a dungeon, where people who never have known Christ go, all awaiting judgment, to be cast into the lake of fire; if their names are not found in the lambs book of life. I know what it will take to enter into the kingdom of heaven later… As you “are to be” entering into the kingdom of heaven NOW! If you’re not, it will be too late upon your death! That is how simple it really is, and I don’t give a bucket of warm spit, how many theology degrees you hold… So did the scribes a pharoses’ of that day’s “followers of God”!

Never, ever tell a Pastor who has scheduled a healing and miracle service that they are deceivers of the brethren, I guarantee they will defriend you or worse… The religious leaders of the day, persecuted and murdered Christ, and his Disciples remember

Roland T. Dell,

“I had Christ pushing next to me, shoulder to shoulder, the day my heart stopped, and I ain’t quitting him now!



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