What is an enemy of the Cross..?

First off, an enemy of the Cross of Jesus Christ cannot be proved by theology or doctrines, even if taken from the Bible, and taught to the natural mind.

The Bible is written to, and for the disciple of Jesus Christ, as they follow him in spirit and in truth. If one has not been born again of Spirit; they cannot hear, nor walk in the Holy Spirit of God, through the atonement of Jesus Christ, who was Crucified (put to death) and raised to newness of life, for those who would believe “on” him by faith.

Doctrines, theology, intellectual beliefs, and religious traditions or practices, have NOTHING to do with receiving, and walking with Jesus Christ “in Spirit and in Truth”. As it is God who is the engineer of all circumstances, and it is God who chooses just who he will call, and start a work in by grace. The real question then becomes, will you follow; or will you attempt to operate in independence of the cross, and the Holy Spirit?  Jesus taught that most would take the latter.

Institutionalized Christianity takes on a form of Godliness; but does not possess the power, or the spirit of the Lord, Jesus Christ!  Salvation unto God, is a work that God does alone, with those who would humble themselves in their “whole being” (Spirit, Soul, and Body) to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (continually), and will not move in independence of the crucifixion of their old man, by the Holy Spirit’s workings:  so as to be found IN CHRIST upon their physical deaths.

This death of the old man, engineered of God, is dependent upon two basic principles.

  1. Confession and repentance of the need for Salvation by God, found only in Christ, who stood our execution(s) on the cross; because of the separation from God, because of sin within the creation.
  2. Following Jesus in Spirit and in Truth, only found by abiding in his death and resurrection – unto life; concerning our “old man” who is trapped in sin, and without hope except that he be transformed into the image of Christ; by way of being crucified in Christ, and then being found in his resurrection, on the day of redemption!

These two examples are why the Apostle Paul was constantly burning the ears of the early brethren, in his letters; and feared for them often.  The Apostle John, continually warned his “early followers of Christ”, to be on the lookout for false brethren, “who started with them”, yet became diverted from the truth, and (coined as) “anti-Christ’s”, or false teachers to the actual brethren.

At this point, many may be wondering just why I have chosen to use two principles, rather than just one. The reason is actually very simple; it is because this is how the Holy Spirit of God functions, concerning the transformation of the child of God, unto Life.

So why is all this confusion within the Ecclesia, you may wonder? Well, that is quite simple too; Satan and his demons are at work, tripping up, and trying to destroy the actual brethren; is the answer.  Satan always will produce a look alike, to the things of God. He is the deceiver, the father of lies, and the butcher of the brethren! Every time that God does a work in “his people”, Satan is busy counterfeiting those “spiritual” workings of God, to confuse and deceive. Many people will acknowledge that the Saints are in a spiritual war, as it is scriptural, yet only a few, (a remnant) will enter into this battle in actuality when  spiritually made alive in Christ; and have grown into a spiritual man.

Everything which I write about is from my personal experience in Jesus Christ.  It has taken my Lord about 40 years, to lead me into a greater understanding of his ways. The primary reason for this is because of false brethren, the ones who refuse to be conformed to his image; and be found in his resurrection -they are the enemies of the Cross! By those who Claim His Name; but will not actually follow Jesus in spirit and in truth.

I have had 40 years of Bible training, I have been taught different theologies, history, and dogmas within various denominations. Yet all will fall short of the truth, if they are of a “different spirit”, than the actual disciple. True men of God are extremely rare today, and experienced Elders, are even rarer!  Many Bible based, Churchmen, and women exist today who claim to be the Lord’s, yet they will not submit to the Lord; nor even Biblical teachings, in the age of delusion.

The biggest obstacle which I am experiencing nowadays, are people who have a form of Godliness, but not the power (authority) thereof.  These Christians come in various shapes and sizes, in their religious practices. Some even have made movements outside the traditional church institutions and systematic theologies, into a more Bible based atmosphere; such as meeting in the homes. Yet even this, does not ensure a person is born again of the spirit; nor is following Christ, in spirit and in truth.

From such, turn away; is the only answer! You cannot mix, or compromise with the Holy Spirit of God; despite how much you may wish to be accepted, or find a comfortable place in the world to lay your head. You must push into the Kingdom of God, within you; and you cannot hold back for anyone, or anything! This is why Jesus told his disciples that he did NOT come to bring peace but a sword!  He promised division, and not unity with the world and his wife! He said, unless a man “hates” (a strong dispreference for) his, mother, father, wife, children, even his own life that he “cannot” (emphatic) be his disciple! He came to set mother in law against sister in law, and so forth.  The word hate here is used in the contexts of one who “hates” say, cabbage, or fish for dinner; rather than loving cabbage or fish for dinner.

It is a matter of what you love, that Jesus was drawing attention to. Jesus taught to love your enemy as yourself; not just out of human sentiment or pity; but because this type of “spiritual compassion” is a natural attribute of the Holy Spirit, whom the disciple must learn to follow. This fruit of the spirit will be manifested by Christ in us naturally, even when concerning the sinner; within our INDIVIDUAL callings with the Lord. It is not a license to “love the world, people of the world”, or be set up as a doctrine, for the love of the world.

God’s love of the people of the world was the ACTION of sending his only begotten son; to stay the believer’s execution upon the cross, so that they might be ABLE to become, the sons and daughters of God. This really has nothing to do with behavior modification, (like Christendom teaches) but rather is the result of putting one’s sinful flesh to death in Christ, so the outworks of God will be genuine, and not fabricated by false brethren , so prevalent  within the church today. Doctrine debating is only useful to non-believers and enemies of the cross; it will not edify the child of God into moving into the right place with God. People who engage in such activities, are either carnal in their understanding, or they do not walk with Christ in spirit, as they have never been born again.

The result is 3 types of Christians; the disciples, the broad roaders, or the unregenerate Christian informed heathen.

I would venture to say that most, if not all, different points of views; on the sinfulness of man, even at birth, and the regeneration of him towards salvation in this life which were written outside the Biblical texts, are tainted by sin to some degree. The result of this is nearly true, or vehemently opposed to the Cross of Christ in totality.

In other word’s; if teachings  are not directly inspired by the Holy Spirit, in the past, or today, some error will exist, which will trip up many, and ultimately leads to destruction. This is known as the “spirit of error”, and the only way to avoid it is to walk in, nothing less than the Holy Spirit of God, who teaches all truth. The believer also must have, real spirit filled elders, (not just theologians) coming aside the actual child of God, and who will not permit the unsaved, or the spirit of error, in the fellowship.

Good luck finding a body of believers like that today under your own efforts; only God can lead you to those who have an understanding, and are called to such a ministry; but the world loves to compromise with the truth of God as found in the scriptures, and have those who will tickle their ears, by feel good natural understanding. As a result of such poor understanding about spiritual truth, and enemies of the cross; Jesus said, “and few that it will be who enter” into the kingdom of heaven. But, always remember, this is God’s work to do, with those who will listen, so you are never alone!


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