“Sexual education” and the pro-LGBT LOBBY

USA For Traditional Marriage

Nowadays there is an aggressively lobby for LGBT “rights” that there is no one place when we can’t stay far from the early sexualization of our children.
First of all, under the umbrella of “equal rights” our children are learned that homosexuality is just a “alternative” for heterosexuality and we wouldn’t treat them differently.
What can children read in these books? About contraception, on abortion (in the USA a underage girl can to have abortion WITH NO advise of her parents), the “beneficies” of an early sexual life, on the prevention of STDs (Sexual Transmitted Diseases), instead to learn that these STDs are the results of anti-God “sexual education”.
Contraception is also against God. Let’s analyse this item: “Contraception” means “against conception” and who can to concept the man if not God?
Who have the interest to control the pupils and teens using the sexual education? Almost abortion clinics (Planned…

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