Satan’s Church of today.

SIN is the issue ; “not how it manifests itself in people”.

As an actual follower of Christ, “in spirit” one MUST discern (1 John 4) – and discriminate, just who are actual brethren, and who are not.

If a person could not make such a judgment call, then they could not tell: if they were “unequally yoked together” with a non believer. The problem is, that people who have not been born again of the Holy Spirit, do not realize it; as they are “spiritually dead, and have no discernment” nor power over sin! But don’t try to tell them that, just walk away if at all possible, as the scripture instructs us to do.

This Church centered, pluralism, hypocrisy, heresies, apostasy, are all the result of God giving people over; to what they love “more than HIM”. Or in other words, for not having “a love for the truth”, that they might be saved.

This is called the age of “strong delusion” and it is particularly aggravating, to an actual disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ: when sin is promoted by the false brethren, who claim his name!

Who do you think will be on the throne for all humanity on judgment day..? Who will cast the vast majority into the lake of fire, to be burned with Satan and his angels..?

The answer is Jesus Christ, the savior and JUDGE of the entire world!

This portrayal of an “unrighteous love” for everybody, and every sin is what these heretics promote in the name of God; and so they deceive many.


Megachurch Pastor John MacArthur: Denominations That Allow Gay ‘Marriage’ Are ‘Satan’s Church’

 Mega church pastor: Denominations that allow gay ‘marriage’ are ‘Satan’s church’

John MacArthur on Christians, Business, and Gay Marriage (Selected Scriptures)

Prominent Christian Pastor Stuns Evangelicals With This Shocking Endorsement of Gay Relationships 


The homosexual agenda has no tolerance for disagreement. You’ve likely read stories about Christian wedding vendors being protested, sued, and even run out of business for refusing to participate in homosexual marriage ceremonies. Even some churches and pastors have come under fire for simply holding fast to their biblical beliefs and refusing to host or officiate a gay marriage.



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