Understanding who you are

Published on Dec 8, 2014

This is so important



Lightship Ministries

The Lord showed me in a devotional, the night before getting hired as a deck hand aboard the Lightship Chesapeake; “we are to be Vessels of Light for Christ”; thus the name of this Lightship Ministries.

This IS my experience as well; those without HIM cannot understand this, as they have not received this grace, Spiritual enlightenment to their natural                minds. Studying the Bible is fine, but it WILL NOT make you a child of God, as it is ONLY GOD, the Father who chooses and adopts into his family.                       Systematic theologies, make NO difference using natural teachings to bring others to Christ… Sorry, it just won’t happen, and is moving independently               from God, at least in ignorance; if not downright rebellion!

        Be careful you actual disciples and followers of Christ, Satan has set up a close counterfeit to the truth – and most cannot, or even “will not see”,

      IF – they have actually started with the Lord.


This is why Jesus told his disciples to enter in the narrow way (spiritually), which leads to spiritual life “now”. Instead of the broad road, to fit in                                comfortably with the world (for those who have started their walk “IN” him), but ultimately move farther, and farther away from Christ, who IS their                  only chance at salvation; which we must all be “found in,” when we meet our maker.


“Satan is a 24 K Bastard”, as a brother has said privately to me… And the false Church or Ecclesia is a major weapon in his arsenal, meant to destroy the actual follower!

We must all fight the good fight, and run the good race set before us, should we wish to enter into the kingdom of heaven NOW. This is why it is written; if the righteous scarcely be saved, where should the lost (those called and chosen who fail to walk with the Lord), and sinners (the wicked, whom God has not drawn to himself) appear?


This is a rhetorical question, of course; the answer being “outside of Christ” and later, judged and burnt. This is not a make you feel good, and comfortable in the world teaching – but rather is the hard and serious truth of God, only found by abiding in Christ, Jesus and one with the Father NOW. After our bodies pack up; all hope is lost in ever being able to come to Christ! Most will hate the truth of God, as I have attempted to express here – but only a small remnant shall enter the kingdom of heaven the scripture teaches; and this is precisely why.

Bro. Roland Dell


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