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December 11, 2014 church, evangelical, False religion, ordination, pagan,sanctification from the world

We all know that of those who ostensibly begin with God only a few find and enter the strait gate and take the narrow way.  The vast majority fail to enter the kingdom of God before they die and get destroyed in the end.

Those ones are the ones I feel really sorry for, and I wanted to post the stories of a couple of that sort who I know, and who I have occasional news of.

The first one is ‘John’, not his real name.

John I met when he was associated with a fellowship I have had a lot of contact with many years ago.  He struck me as being slightly odd, but  I was a young Christian then and did not know about fakes/antichrists etc..  He disappeared from that fellowship, and the next thing I hear is that he has gone to Bible college and is going to be a Baptist pastor.

I was stunned by this.  How on earth could someone be among those with genuine experience of God, and have seen the real thing only go off and play sermon sandwich on Sunday?!  I found him on the internet, with the prefix ‘Rev’, running a Baptist church up North.  There were photos of him presenting something to Number 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s official residence, with two others, all of them in clergy frocks.

The next thing I see is that he has taken up an interest in seriously big motorcycles, and is dressed like a Hell’s Angel, complete with leathers, beard, chains etc.  Now I see that  he is promoting ‘heavy metal rock bands’, like Iron Maiden and AC/DC.

A more obvious fake one could not hope to meet, but he is still playing Baptist pastor when his heart is plainly with some of the worst elements of society, and not with God.

I see also, in one of his articles online, that he is talking like a pagan Catholic, saying that we cannot live up to the standards of Almighty God, His Law is too  high and we are just to stumble along in sin, being sinful and wicked followers of Jesus.  Of course, no such thing exists.  The problem is not that God’s standards are too high for His people and He has given His people and impossible standard to live by.  The problem is simply that he is not born again, not a child of God.  He does not have  the new nature, and that is why he loves the wicked things of the world.  Quite astonishing that he would carry on in such hypocrisy, but church people do, sadly.

The second man I wanted to mention is ‘Fred’, again, not his real name.

We saw Fred again the other day, and he is now quite an old man and frail too.  However, he is still an elder at a fellowship where the Lord moved in power about 55 years ago, but which died about 25 – 30 years ago.

Fred is a lovely man and a pleasure to be with.  He is exasperated with much of what is going on in the fellowship and would like to see an end to a lot of nonsense, but like so many who were there when a fellowship begins in power they will not leave when apostasy sets it.  They love to keep the flag flying, as the name of the chuuurrccchhh has become more important than the Name of the Lord.

I felt that we have moved on and left him behind, when we saw him the other day.  He is still trying to have hope that the Lord is still there and moving among them.  He and His wife do not know that if a people leave the Lord for chuuurrrccchh or something else He will leave them.

Whether Fred’s name still appears in the Book of Life I don’t know, but when he and the odd other person who had something real once dies there will be no first generation people with experience of God there.

This sort of thing fills me with horror, as we all know what happens to the ones who, for whatever reason, are not found written in the Book of Life.

I have seen so many who began with God in genuine initial conversion go wrong, take the wide gate and broad road, and die, spiritually.  They had the chance of life, and have refused the way of the Cross.

The other day Fred told me that they had got over their difficulties at the fellowship following the ‘pastor’ going off in adultery with the church secretary, conducting an affair for eight or nine years before being discovered whilst, at the same time, pretending to preach the gospel and walk with God.  He said that people were coming to the chuuurrrccchh again, and that included not just Christians, but unsaved too.  He thought that was great as perhaps they would get saved.  The rationale being that there was no evangelism going on anywhere and this was a good thing, a good alternative.

It seems that when people go the wrong way they are blinded and utter horrors are held to be good, and acceptable.

There is no point trying to straighten people out if they have done this sort of thing, they would not have gone that way if their hearts were not in a condition to accept it all.  I still feel shocked and saddened by it though, and have no choice but to leave them behind and move on.

By, Justin Hughes


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