“Group Church Think”

It is a popular, but misconceived concept created from 1900 years of anti-Christ’s, that “God loves everyone” the same. This is simply not true.

God loves his elect; that is, those he is willing to start a work in, towards salvation; creating that individual in the image of his son, Jesus Christ, the only perfect and acceptable means to God, the Father.

Jesus taught his disciples that all that the Father gives to him, will come. He also said on many an occasion “that it is not for their ears to hear”, but to you it is given for understanding (paraphrased).

He is not willing that any should perish in sin, yet that is also in the contexts of whom God the Father wills, and instills his grace upon.

The scripture also says that God takes no joy in the destruction of the wicked, yet he will one day destroy all those not found in the lamb’s book of life.

The problem is that “men want to play God”, in acting “independent of actually following Christ”, by the Holy Spirit. Who is Jesus Christ; the only way to the Father NOW; as we live and breathe. Independence and Rebellion are the two legs, which sin stands upon. So, we who have started with him in salvation, must crucify the old man into his image; that is to allow God to do the work of crucifying our flesh, into the image of his name’s sake. The WICKED, have never started with HIM; and will not. Yet, the LOST will at some time, start with Christ in their lives; but will they finish with him, is the monumental question…

This is why the Apostle Paul continually wrote corrective letters to the different churches, (Galatians, Laodiceans, and so fourth) and why he “beat his flesh” (denied his carnality) that he “might” enter in with Christ NOW, being made conformable to his image.

We must be found IN HIM when we stand before him, and that dear friend is a spiritual condition, and not someone’s favorite doctrinal position; as you may, or may not have been taught, by natural means.

Luke 8 depicts the different types of ground, which people who “start with Christ” are likely to take. It is only the good ground, which produces good fruit, in the form of spiritual maturity; as they have chosen to abide in the vine (Christ in Spirit, not just an intellectual position), so not to be cut off and burnt ultimately.

This is NOT about self-righteous behavioral modifications; you know the routine – “I don’t cuss, I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke”… As it is a work Christ does in us alone, by grace, to those who actually have a heart towards him! Church righteousness, (those who are not dependent on Christ himself) and will normally follow the afore mentioned behavioral modifications; as they will NOT follow the Holy Spirit, in being made to conform to his image – again “Christ’s image”, is what is being spoken about here. This is why the Apostle Paul called them “enemies of the cross”; not because they were some pagan sect outside the camp of believers, but because most simply refused to turn their flesh over for execution, via the Holy Spirit, the only way to spiritual life. The natural man cannot, (emphatic) make himself into the image of Christ, independent of the Holy Spirit!

Another aspect of the modern day church is false brethren, this is epidemic today, especially since most have been taught “the proper words and phrases to utter” out of the scriptural texts! This is why a fellowship of actual beleivers must have elders of spiritual discernment and maturity, otherwise the fellowship will become overun by Satan’s people.

Think about it – most in western cultures have been trained to some degree, in Bible teachings, yet this does not give a man or woman, the chance to become, a son or daughter of God!

Yet, all SAINTS (who have actually started in Christ) have this treasure in earthen vessels, and we slip, fall, and battle with our flesh and with our sin nature (old natures). Yet, He (Christ) is faithful to forgive us, if it is with a heartfelt repentance, we return to him for mercy.

Remember, you cannot fool God, who has a window into our hearts. Yet most (the elect) the Bible tells us, will not allow themselves to suffer what Oswald Chamber’s called the white funeral. (Being crucified with Christ) and most will take what Jesus Called the broad road; which the further traveled down, the more one is likely to shrivel up and die; as they are not partaking in the vine, who is Christ himself, the only hope of salvation. This of course, ultimately leads to destruction.

Even worse, is whom the Apostle John first  coined as anti- Christ’s; the ones who started with us, but departed from us. These type of broad roaders, think they can enter into Christ; not being made comfortable to his image. These are the RELIGIOUSE TYPES, normally well read, well spoken; and deceivers of the weaker brethren, (babes) by being deceived, of a different spirit; the spirit of error! Today, most often the local “Church Pastor” with a head full of Bible doctrine, fits this description. It is not some evil raving maniac, possessed by the devil, which most have been taught to believe!

Think about that too; would an establishment institution go and label themselves as anti -Christ? Of course they wouldn’t, that would be self defeating, and destructive to the attendance roster!

You see, one’s salvation is totally dependent, and “hangs on” (so to speak) their dependent relationship with Jesus Christ alone!

Will they shrivel up and die, and ultimately be burnt? Or will they remain with him, in Spirit and in Truth; having a love for the truth that they “might be saved”, in the end is the ultimate question. This is why it is written, that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, is the only unforgivable sin! As Holy Spirit, is your spiritual connection with Jesus Christ himself! Paul said he must run the good race, fight the good fight, lest he be a castaway, or in not finishing – be condemned!

Woe; you say, who the great Paul..? Yes, precisely so, and we who know him (in spirit – and not mere intellect or soul) must keep pushing into the kingdom of God, which is within us Jesus Taught; and not some “frock in the box”, or even a “village minister” that is of the spirit of, (anti-Christ).

You may be shocked, that I have written this today; but allow me to assure you, I was much more shocked, when I realized most who claim Christ’s name, really have nothing to do with him, only their particular brand of systematic theologies!

Jesus is NOT for everyone, (shock and awl) – but the world church systems would starve, if they didn’t do such religious promotions; for the last 1900 years! Satan is the slickest of all bastards, and he created these institutions to confuse and ultimately destroy the actual brethren! The world, and world church systems are much more brutal and diverse, than I would have ever imagined as a young Christian; so I struggle to write these truths, for those who have an ear to hear.

Oh, and By the way, a real Elder, of spiritual maturity and understanding: (good ground, with mature fruit) is extremely rare today; (not just Bible scholars, but rather Elders in the Lord) so please don’t think what I have written is unbiblical in the least!

May our Lord bless your understanding of these things.

Bro. Roland Dell


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  1. you are so right you go roland

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