Published on Jan 11, 2015

Have you ever gotten around a person who will get extremely hot under the collar, because you have said, that ” the Bible is NOT the word of God? “

The reason for this is normally because; you have just challenged their salvation, their fire insurance, their ticket to heaven, as they see it.

The Bible is only written to God’s people, not the wicked. It’s a book for reproof and correction to those who actually know him. It is “an owners manual of sorts” to a car you drive; and not for those who have never had a car! As it is the Spirit which makes Alive; as the Letter of the Law Killeth!

This is the same type of “religious spirit”; that Jesus and his Apostles, were all persecuted by, within the religious leaders of their day.
Most churchmen think it was just because the Jews would not accept Jesus, (which is only partially correct) – but the bigger reason is that, their sinful self righteousness, prevented them from seeing the truth.
This still occurs today, even by those who “claim his name”.
The modern day scholars, and scribes called – enemies of the cross, having the spirit of Antichrist!


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