Civil War In The UK – Soon

This post would hold true for most any “western civilized culture”, to include the U.S., despite the fact we were considered a “biracial” country; until recently flooded by different regions, languages and “cultural diversities”.
Once the money, industry, normality of creature comforts, and entertainment are destroyed; along with a the lack of food, fuel, and clothing. Individuals feeling the pinch, will feel resentment towards the civil authorities in government, which they “perceive to be at fault” for the economic collapse and turmoil. These precepts and resentments, coupled with lawlessness will fuel an inferno of hate, and violence, unlike that which has not been seen in centuries. This civil unrest or war, will be directed against those who “allowed it to get so bad” – and from different viewpoints no less, whether they be right or wrong in their analysis.
It is my personal opinion, that once you replace the principles that the Lord God has ordained for prosperous living (as once understood) within the scripture, demonic (ungodly) forces rush in to fill that void, and death of a nation has always been the result!
Yet, God is still on his throne, and his kingdom cannot be overcome; yet as prophesied the feet of iron (truth) and clay (man) will be destroyed, with the great second coming of the Lord for judgment. The End.


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