How I see it…

I get tired of the leftists’ “phobia” label. It is as if they are saying to those who don’t hold their values; “you poor little child, you just don’t understand!”

When in actuality, I think it is them who lack understanding.

They refuse to understand that an enemy is to be called an enemy; in the strongest possible terms one can muster.

They refuse to understand that perversion is unacceptable to decency, and needs to be called what it is.

They refuse to recognize any thinking or culture which runs counter to their collective vision of a unified world order.
It is insulting and offensive, to those who I regard as clear thinking Americans – who refuse to accept their “anything goes” humanistic-pluralistic ideology, and will call a spade a spade…

Academia is used by leftists, to “re-educate” the masses to their particular viewpoints; and even our language itself; is reinvented or perverted in an effort to control people’s thinking.

For over a Millennium the tried and tested fabric of the west has developed. Yet in just a couple of generations, the elitist eggheads of the so-called progressive movement want to destroy this fabric.

This is degeneracy, not evolution, and I for one am quite sick of it!!!


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