What’s IN you….

Published on Dec 1, 2014

It ain’t about doctrines and chuuurrccchhh that is for sure.


Out of respect, I have held off for over a month in posting this video.

All I ever see in most “Christian videos” is Bible doctrine, done in natural understanding. That type of thing is a dime a dozen; yet this man (my brother) exemplifies ones who’s flesh has been handed over for execution in Christ.
This is the fruit which Jesus was speaking about in Luke chapter 8.
This brother has helped me to actually see and understand the spiritual workings of our Lord.
I have had over 40 years of Bible instruction; yet it is “that life in Christ” which I crave; and it is only a true Elder, and teacher “IN” the Lord, who is able to deliver such truth, and not just academia like most so-called ministerial works are of.

Here is my comment on the YOU TUBE video:  

Amen brother, well spoken indeed! Like JOB you were tested yesterday; and although I was desperate to be of assistance, I was greatly limited in doing so. Yet while witnessing your event; I was greatly benefited in my understanding, by the rare window which was opened, into your Christ like character of your soul!
You sang praises to our Lord, and repeated that “God is in control”, while in the very midst of your attack!
Frantically, I attempted to communicate with you, but you just smiled ever so joyously, and with an overwhelming sense of peace, in witnessing just who was within you – our Lord Jesus Christ. That type of physical testing, is not for the squeamish to see, but it does give a big black eye to the enemy, who would love to destroy our testimony and us. I am ever so grateful to be able to call you my brother and friend. May the Lord bless and keep you always, and forever.



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