Degradation or Evolution of Humanity / Progressive’s are Regressive

Degradation or Evolution of Humanity; are the two world viewpoints.

My explanation of the decline of the world, and the new dark ages we are in.

This is just an overview, in how the people of the world think today; and why they are at odds with the past cultural divisions, and peoples. Specifically, when sighting the United States, and Europe.

WARNING: Most of humanity has no spiritual enlightenment, and their element is spiritual darkness, as they have not been given light to see. We who walk in the light, have not the power to make the blind see.

Be aware brethren, we simply hand over the world, and its people to our Lord in prayer. If you do not – this has the spiritual potential, to destroy our communion with the Lord.

The Lord God of Israel, is still in command and control of the earth, and has not been dethroned. He is going to burn it all by fire shortly; and we will only be held to account, in what we were directed to do as His disciple, and nothing more…



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