My Friends…

We all tend to naturally gravitate towards people we have things in common with; however, as I awoke this morning, I suddenly realized that all of my “good friends” have turned out to have been “spiritual brothers” in the Lord; who at least had later started with Christ, within their spirits.

Unfortunately, not all remained with him; but at least, they did start!

This natural gravitation towards them was indeed matched by the very same spirit within me. And later, it was the same with my wife to be!

This was not a “calculated thing” at all; it was as natural in me as falling off a log! Yet others, (false brethren) gravitate towards people like themselves – “religious about Jesus” but not real.

I think this is because we who are “elected of God towards salvation”, can sense this “same spirit” in others naturally. And of course, this has nothing at all what to do, with institutions that claim the Lord’s name!

This is just one of many examples, in how an actual elect child of God operates; and is wired. You cannot counterfeit it, because men cannot touch it.

What has caused “the most spiritual death” to friends of mine who started in Christ..? Bloody “Church Systems” and their people is who!

The “spirit of Antichrist” in not being conformed to Christ image, as they are “enemies of the cross”; and would much rather apply “the letter” via Bible texts in the natural, and conduct ceremonies and honor dates on a calendar; than to be obedient, and follow by spirit; (He that is within them)!

This is the Broad Road, that Jesus warned his disciples about; always defaults to the “ways of the world, and people of the world”, rather than having “a love for the truth” (who is Christ) that they “might be saved” – ultimately.

How tragic, we who are “good ground,” (Luke 8) MUST push in and finish with Christ, by allowing ourselves to be crucified with him, by way of the cross; and be transformed into his image; so that we may indeed enter in with Him. This is the narrow way, Jesus told his disciples about – and there is “no other way”, to be found in the Lambs book of life written before the foundations of the world.


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