Bible Butchers!

Accusing the Holy Spirit in the actual disciple, by Bible butchers!

Every single Disciple who ever lived was accused by Satan (in his – “Satan’s” people) of being wrong, in their understanding of the scriptures!

This is an age old story the enemy uses to come against Christ “in” the Ecclesia (actual brethren).

Now, please understand, these enemies of the cross sincerely believe they are doing righteousness, and Holiness in their understanding as they cannot see, (or have been made blind “spiritually”) or turned over to what they love more than Jesus Christ. These broad road brethren, have something in this life, which they love more than Christ, who is the truth of God, that they might be saved.

These false brethren will default to their natural understanding of the scriptures; instead of actually being crucified with Christ and being shown the truth of God, directly to their human spirit. Then, because they will not be made “conformed in Spirit”; they will then argue from a “doctrinal position”; instead of abiding in Christ, and actually being given light to see “the truths of God” in the scriptures, as one who has been found in obedience to Christ within them!

Of course, this is but foolishness to them that are perishing, as many have been given over; to what they love more than Christ, and they walk in darkness.  1 Corinthians 2:14 – But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

These false brethren, hate the spirit of truth – who is Jesus Christ, (by grace) within the actual disciple, who hears and functions in the Lord, by the Holy Spirit alone, and leans not to their own understanding.

I do believe that the Bible is infallible within its contexts and as a whole; as it is written as a historical text for reproof and correction – to those WHO ARE being made conformed into Christ’s image; (by actually taking the way of the cross), and being made anew (transformed) by the Holy Spirit. I have never seen anything in scripture which I have even remotely disagreed with; as it is written in the same spirit of who indwells me!

Whereas the broad roader, “who is one that has started in Christ”, and have initially accepted Him as Lord and Savior (for real) by grace alone… Later departs paths with him, dependent upon which type of “ground they are” as found in Luke Chapter *8…

Jesus is being precisely correct and infallible – in what he has inspired to be written in Luke chapter 8. Yet Satan, hates the young in the Lord, to be able to see this truth, so he cherry picks or manipulates men’s natural understanding of the scripture, by applying “other parables and verses, most often used out of contexts”; to confuse and deceive those who do not know, or those who are too young to have learned how to simply abide in their Lord experientially, and being shown “all things” by walking in “the Holy Spirit”

As a result, using the “corrective texts” found in the Bible as an example, concerning what Jesus and his Apostles once spoke or wrote, to our Lord’s original disciples. Then become clouded and muddled, as to their actual applications and meanings by the butchers of sheep.  The young in the Lord are most at risk of being butchered; so Elders must be appointed to protect them at all cost from false brethren; so that the babes might mature, and grow wise and understand the dangers of an Antichrist.

Every actual “narrow road Christian” which I have ever met; sooner or later is attacked by the “spirit of error”, found predominantly in systematic theologies of today. These are the butchers of the actual followers of Christ, the accuser of the brethren, from those who have the “spirit” of an “Anti Christ” within them.

As one of the very few today, (in comparison with the past) who has chosen at great personal cost, to follow Christ alone within my spirit; I am continually attacked by those of another spirit who “think” they know better than me, about the things of God; and how to apply the scriptures because of their natural understand as taught to them of men.

They accuse the actual brethren, of “not being able to hear their Lord”. These Antichrists say things such as “God doesn’t work that way today” or, ” you are confused in what and how Jesus was applying the text (letters) of the scripture”. They continually assault the believer who walks by faith; in using the scripture to naturally or carnally bludgeon, and enslave the sheep, onto essentially what amounts to another gospel completely: – Bible righteousness..! These are goats and not the sheep of His fold, they have the nature of a goat, and they eat and destroy everything in their paths.

Whereas sheep are tender hearted, knowing the voice of their master; and are easily scattered when not protected by “real men of God”, and not just those holding “sheepskins” by whom others wolves have butchered!

These are those which I have coined the “Bible Butchers” to the actual brethren;  and they are NO different than the scribes and Pharisees of old, no different than an Antichrist, who once started with us; but came diverted to another gospel.  These one’s who will NOT be made dependent, upon Jesus Christ himself; are the enemies of the cross the Apostle Paul warned about.

Romans 8:14-17   these butchers, and accusers of the actual brethren, wish to enslave the people of God to themselves. They are precisely like their father the devil; they wish to be god – to lord over people; instead of allowing the Lord to be God, (by the Holy Spirit) and the head of his body!


NOTE: Please anyone who hasn’t a clue what I am posting about; or feels the need to correct me, need not reply. Your comments will be deleted…


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