Age of Apostasy

For decades the Lord God of Israel, has been doing a work in me, to try to get me into a level of “Spiritual” Maturity to be made useful unto himself.

I have been “spiritually battered” for a great deal of my life by Satan and his people; yet I have been an overcomer, by the grace of God. The most destructive battering which I have experienced, has been by “those who claim his name” (Jesus “the” Christ) as Lord and Savior. It has taken most of my life for the Lord to healeth me” from this onslaught!

Wounded and battered (persecuted brethren) is nothing new; it is what Jesus himself taught his disciples, was the result of actually having HIM, and following HIM, in spirit and in truth; because they had a love for the truth, that they might be saved!

One’s spiritual condition being found “in Christ” is totally different from holding a belief system, “about HIM or towards HIM”. As one is carnal or natural; and the other spiritual, given ONLY by GOD the Father to who “HE” chooses by “HIS GRACE” and gifting(s) alone!

This makes false brethren in particularly, extremely angry – especially if one is capable in “putting over” or exposing such hypocrisies well – within “so-called” ministry giftings!

The prophets of the Old Testament era were hated, even amongst their own people – for the most part. And the actual disciple is despised, no less today; by people who by “their natural actions and understanding” attempt to follow the Lord. Done in their own efforts; devoid of God’s leading, via the Holy Spirit. Who is made manifest by ” actually knowing” and “following” Christ alone, into sanctification.

We who have started with the Lord by grace, must continue in grace; to be shown by “Him alone” the errors of our ways, so that THE LORD, will be pleased to continue a greater work in us; which are willing to have our “old man put to death” (crucified), and ultimately to be raised to newness of life, in the “spitting image” of Christ: the “actual believers” Lord and Savior!

Satan himself has devised a “system” of beliefs” (systematic theologies), which are a shrewd counterfeit to the actual “would be” follower of Christ.           This is why it is written in Matthew 24: 24 and Mark 13:22 – For false Christ’s and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

And in 1 John 2:18
Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many an antichrist have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.

NOTE: the words – if it were possible, even the elect… would be deceived.

These texts speak about those who are in the “Church Systems” of today. They are the butchers of the actual brethren’s spiritual walk, who are found “in” Christ!  They are a false vine, and those who heap unto themselves teachers, (Pastors) in accordance in what they wish to hear (not enduring sound doctrines) – even though they may “try” to follow the Bible, within their own natural understanding.

Revelations 18 warns the brethren; to come out of “HER” (Mother of Harlots and Her Daughters) my people!

Yet even sadder, are those “who will not listen” to the promptings of the Holy Spirit; and eventually “could be” cut off and burnt, for what they love more than “HIM”: (handed over) for moving in disobedience to; “HIS gentle, and caring voice of direction”; actually found within them – but whom will not listen, to their Heavenly Father!

I strongly believe that the Babylonian (world church) system is the reason that “if it were possible”, even the elect would, be deceived: and indeed are being deceived; simply because they would rather follow the teachings of men; than the calling of God: whose way is “but the cross”; and moving in obedience to the (Holy Spirit), who is Christ made manifest spiritually, to his actual brethren.


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