Horribly and dangerously rich

Of what needs do you have? – None; well thats too bad!
Self sufficiency equivalates to spiritual death, in most “nice” Christian folk!

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  1. I would like to validate Brother Justin’s insights on this passage. In the world, for me personally – I was never able to find my niche…

    Sometimes, I would be at the top of my mechanical engineering classes; and yet other times, in another place, I would wash out!
    I could NEVER figure out what was going on ” with me ” it was the same machinery, hydraulic, electrical, equipment which I was tested on; yet I always received either an A or F in my certification(s) and from different instructors? Sometimes, I would even score better “without study” than sitting in class for a semester!

    I now understand why my Lord allowed such a dichotomy to exist within my life; the reason is because I was “HIS” workmanship, and not my own!

    Most would never learn an “utter dependence upon the Lord” if they found it easy to function without HIM, in and of their own steam! Folks read passages in the scriptures which describe such a relationship with God, and often “think” that they are in the thick of it; yet the truth be known – these Bible text, are only conceptual to them; as they have not experienced the reality of a “Co-Dependency” upon the Lord – nor “HIS deliverance” from such an existence!

    In short, knowing your Bible is one thing; but actually knowing, and walking with the Lord, is completely different: “in Spirit and in Truth”!!!

    Bro. Roland Dell – “Lightship Chaplain”

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