You can’t force the blind to see

I did a book review on Amazon. com tonight after seeing my story in print; as follows.

 {A Christian Soldiers Near Death Experience}

Cecil Murphey book

I am Roland Dell of (A Christian Soldier’s Near Death Experience). I was most pleasantly surprised to see my story in print, thank you very much! I wanted to clarify for the “historical account”; that I had returned from Ft Bragg after OEF: I was at Ft. Meade, MD in water survival with the Army on the 6th of Feb 2005 (my 20 years of service) just 2 days after my ordination. 
I had prayed privately that I would be effective like Paul and Silas for the Lord (not just pew stuffing); and that “the enemy might know who I was” (like in Acts 16). The nurse “who I had never seen before” simply repeated back to me, my private prayer “concerning the enemy”. 
Reference (17) – I had “confirmed to me by the Holy Spirit”, that the “being” lying next to me was the Lord, and I could even make out dimly, the robe, beard, and hair length – as “HE” (the good shepherd) pressed next to me (2 COR 5:6). My web site is Lightship Ministries.Org: feel free to stop by.

Yesterday, I must confess that I was a little upset that the “secular world” seemed to overlook the main point of my experienceHowever, I honestly believe this “may not” be intentional… In John 8:43 Jesus exclaims: 43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Please see my next post –

“You can’t force the blind to see”…

It may sound daft to the western, or natural mind, to say that “this blindness is spiritual” (Father, forgive them, they know not what they do)!

Yet for those of us who have been given light, (spiritual eyes and ears) as real disciples, it is “only” we who can truly understand.

I have learned this principle through many years of trials and testings of my faith – ” in leaning not to my own understanding “.

This is the same reason that “Jesus spoke in parables” (to the elect) brethren: because as the Lord told “but HIS disciples alone” in Mark 4:9-13 ” And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”… This is a spiritual condition; not a four brained calculated one at all, so the natural man (of the world) cannot receive the truths of God as they are spiritual and not natural…

1 Corinthians 2:14 – But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Are you registering  me today; (understanding) my  actual brethren..? As understanding this principle, is of the utmost importance in understanding – 1 John 4 … As this is a spiritual war we are fighting; and not a natural one, beware!

This is why “churches” can not teach people into Christ; and you don’t have non believers, in the fellowship of the Saints!!!

Other examples of God giving light, to whom “HE” chooses…

Luke  8:9-10 (sower) Lk. 10:23-24 (born again) 

Matthew 11: 15 (judgment)  Matt. 13:15-17 (sower)

Mark 4:9-13 (sower) Mk. 8: 18 (given eyes to see)

John 8:43 (scribes)

Romans 11:8 (sin prevents seeing)

Deuteronomy 29:4 (anger of God)

The Bible is a spiritually discerned book; it is NOT written to the world! It is a book used for reproof and correction of those who actually know and walk with Christ: “in spirit and in truth, as we have a love for the truth, (Christ) that we MIGHT BE saved.

The false vine, (church) filled with false brethren who have crept in; has been a problem since the resurrection of our Lord! We must be diligent, and mature to keep ourselves separate from the world, and the worlds people – when we are gathering together.

The “spirit of error” – of heirecies, hypocrisies, apostasies, delusion today; was primarily started with allowing mixture and thus compromise in amongst God’s actual people. The reason for this is simply because men default unto their own understand(s); rather than in learning to be led of the spirit of God, (Holy Spirit) as spiritually mature men.

To the “natural man” this is of course foolishness; as it is “they” who cannot receive nor understand spiritually discerned things! And as someone who has spent a lifetime in the “Reformed CONSERVATIVE, Bible believing chuuurrrch”… An actual spirit filled brother or sister in the Lord will hear comments like: that is based in charismatic, holiness, pentecostal, or emotionalism (soul). As that is how it appears to them who are “spiritual dead or unregenerate” within their human spirits; which is “cut off” (to be burnt) and separated from God – although they may claim “HIS Holy Name” in salvation!

Simply put; years of teaching the wicked Bible, terminology, doctrines, and theology has produced such a dangerous offspring; to the “actual disciple” (and babe) who has “not been instructed”, by real men of God, (Elders) to walk in what “they alone” posses – the Holy Spirit of God.

Satan is an excellent counterfeiter, and seeks to destroy the actual ekklesia (elect) of God.

I can guarantee you that some one will mark and take, what I have written here today – and then produce a counterfeit of it!!! This is why “false brethren” seek to try and be all inclusive, of the actual brethren who moves in the spirit of truth, (Jesus Christ) yet they will keep such a disciple – “at an arms length” within there congregations, as “the sheep” make “the goats” – most uncomfortable. Again, this signifies “Christ in you” to the actual disciple – and is a spiritual condition which the natural mind dismisses as nonsense!

My advice to those of us who are real, is that if you feel the least bit uncomfortable around them – simply mark them and avoid them at all cost. The reason is because otherwise; the mixture of the children of Satan (natural men and women) will unwittingly, help to pollute and destroy, your one on one fellowship in Christ – and with other believers.


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