Have you noticed..?

Some of the most obvious marks of a Christian; is to be, happy, loud, brash, forceful, exciting, and entertaining to watch!

“Are you kidding me – ARE YOU KIDDING ME.?!”   To steal a line, from a YouTube celebrity preacher::: of course I am, is the answer…

One of the most overlooked, and mature spiritual attributes of a believer, is to be meek and lowly in heart; this is what Jesus was talking about, when abiding in Him. (Matthew 11:29)

1 Peter 3: 4) But let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God. – Now this passage is speaking directly to women; yet the same principle applies to men; who are God honoring of “HIS” Authority, when coming before HIM.

I could spend half the day writing more scriptural verses down on this type; yet my point is in, acting with humility when speaking about the things of God’s grace.

How many “showmen ministers” exhibit this type of spirit today? Not too many, simply because this – is an attribute of the flesh; and some might even call it a “carnival”,  which is derived from the word carnal!

Even Moses, was forbidden from entering into the promise land, for the sole purpose of becoming angry; and striking his staff upon a rock in the wilderness (in a brash manner) which resulted in people focusing upon Moses; instead of the Lord God of Israel! This type of behavior, makes God angry

Now, I know Moses was an Old Testament Patriarch – and he represented a type of Christ for Israel; but my point is that; even after 40 years of patience, he acted ungodly (or in the natural flesh) but twice, and to my way of thinking it was justifiably so, for most anyone that I know…

Now ask yourself; what is normal, while in listening to most “Ministers” today..?

Most act like motivational speakers; and as a retired military man, well, let’s just say – I’ve had enough of that, personally speaking. Even the women nowadays are of a loud, and brash spirit; they are not clothed in humility and quietness, that’s for sure! Rather, they even take on MINISTERIAL positions of Authority, which rarely are even given unto men; and even then – it’s once our Lord has broken them enough, as to be used by HIM!

Sometimes I think people wanting to do “Ministry” , is actually no more, than they wish for a type of celebrity status within the world. They are NOT SENT of God, and they often adorn themselves, in the trappings of robes, jewelry, makeup, and a broadcasting type of spotlight, all while talking a good show…

They love to hear teacher, teacher, (even; Dean, Dean) from men on the street; (Matthew 23:7) yet will not be conformed to Christ’s image, by taking the narrow way of the cross themselves; while being transformed into HIS image – that they might be saved.

Now; I know I’m not perfect, and if I had the natural ability, as some folks have as speakers – I might be in a right mess with my Lord, by the temptation of it all… So why then, do I even bother in speaking out about such “entertainers” you might wonder? Well, it’s not out of jealousy on my part; but rather it is because, it grieves and angers the Holy Spirit, who resides within me!


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