Love for God; or the worlds people?

This is just a short compressed post, on “Biblical Sociology” of sorts; as this subject is so in-depth, that it is incomprehensible to the natural mind – those who are “not led” of the Holy Spirit of God to see. Furthermore, to post my additional thoughts openly, would be to; “cast my spiritual pearls before swine” – that they might turn and devour me, which the scripture warns against.

I have noticed that “Geo Politically” today that once God Honoring (Christian) Nations; (as if there was such a thing as a Christian “Nation”) – have totally twisted what God wants, and is doing; – in making a people for himself” in UNITY by way of the CROSS ; as HIS Spiritual Bride Israel; a separate and holy people who are not spotted nor blemish, by the “soiling of the world, or love for the world” – known as the “Bride of Christ”!

In contrast, humanity is busying itself in mixing everyone in the world together, (again) in attempted unity, devoid of following Christ; in spirit and in truth, in having a love of the truth; that they might be saved  “out of the world”.

Baltimore baseball; it is safe to leave now...

Rather, humanity, in holding a desire for unity and control over the world; and the world’s people are creating a false “world unity” in melding everything and everyone together “as one”. This “perverse” desire is blindly being perpetrated by the idealists of the world; and is the Biblical definition of the “Wicked” acting in defiance of God.  Always remember, it was the Lord God, who “separated the people’s of the world” into different languages and cultures, within their specific regions of the world; way back in Bible history, at the tower of Babble.

This drive for unification is of the “false spirit” of world unity – which is being preached in the Babylonian Church System(s) Ecumentalism; as found in (Revelations 17-18). This melding together of people and truth; is represented in “the Feet of Iron and Clay” (Multiculturalism) written in the book of Daniel; right before “the judgment to come” by the Lord God of Israel – of the fallen world. It is also the prelude (I believe) in “setting the stage” for the Man of Sin – the Lawless One; who will appear; to be worshiped “as God’; when the world will cry “peace and safety”.

I see posts and videos all over the internet today, which reads like this as an example of Biblical ignorance, taught within a “social studies” format in (false teachings). Speaking out against such apostasy is rare today; for fear of being called racist, sexist, or homophobe, by the dumbed down humanity of today.   ” I warn against the fact that racism is satanic and designed to create division amongst mankind! Please pray for everyone involved and please share this video! God Bless, stay vigilant and fear no evil “(this is just another example, done in ignorance; of such apostasy being taught today, by the false-church – “Babylon”, the great whore, and her daughters, drunk on the blood of the Saints!)

While In actuality; “He that now restraineth” has been taken out of the way: [2 Thessalonians 2] and now this “strong delusional” way of thinking which has emerged; which is what is Satanic! Rather than having “Nation States” which are divided by Borders, Language, and Culture: (from Dr. Michael Savage, radio show)… This past “God Orchestrated”  divisions of people’s; has functioned “comparatively well” for millenniums’– in comparison to what politicians, and academics within the  “world power structures”, wish to achieve by modern times’ in unifying all men and women, straight and perverse, in the unity of globalism of today; in defiance of the Lord’s structuring and ordinances.


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