Racism is Satanic…

Ethnic Groups (Bible)


Mark 13:8 (The Biblical text uses “ETHOS” translated to Nation)…
Mark 13:8 Orthodox Jewish Bible: For there will be an (intifada = uprising) of (Nation = Ethos) or – ethnic group against ethnic group and against (malchut = kingdom), there will be earthquakes in place after place, [and] there will be famines. These things are but the beginning of the (Chevlei = I Am) or [Moshiach = Messiah].

Racism is Satanic…


Hows that for a catchy title, I was reminded of these type things with the recent riots which have taken place, in the City of my birth; Baltimore, Maryland a place that I served in street ministry, to others, with my love for the gospel for six years, and sound instruction. So, I must first make clear, that hatred and violence towards any race of people, is never justified, or a part of an attribute of a Christian; but rather, love and charity “towards all people’s is correct”, when honoring God and His principles.

With that being said – the part of racism, which “is” Satanic; is “unlike what most people” of today’s Western Civilizations – are taught to think, or “even consider” concerning “race and equality ” as interpreted by many progressive academics; as to be written within the U.S. Constitution.

Yet the fact is, that most who embrace mass immigration; (nations without borders) fail to grasp the significance, of the mass change, (flooding invasion) of the “ethnic landscape of a country”.  And may not care, that the country being “overtaken”, will no longer reflect what it once was (as a people); and will never be able to return to the cultural values, which once signified its identity as a Country!

Sin wants power – so citizens should ask whose “hope and change” do we want? The ones once embraced by the God honoring people’s, and principles of the past? Or the progressive values of today, and people (who are of their father the Devil); which have been given over to strong delusions? Is the real question set before us of the latter generations; yet faith upon the earth (Luke 18:8) today is rare, as compared to the “die hard” generations (not my words but sociologists) of the past! Whose people worship the mind, and the science god, rather than the Lord God.

Always remember that the two legs of sin; are independence from God, and rebellion – which is Satan’s way, in wanting to “be God”.

The actual meaning of words, are of critical importance when reading the scriptures (Bible) in contexts; in having a proper understanding of doctrines. 2 Timothy 4:3 And, if you have noticed as I have; the progressive onslaught, of progressive academics, have been busying themselves in changing the language (and by extension the culture); in adding words (and abbreviations) into our speech and communications, as a calculated attempt to manipulate, and control the thinking of men…. Oops, * “humankind” – once called mankind; but we can’t have that, as that type of speech, would be sexist; indicating that the women are a part of the man – like God designed her to be..!

This is why (conservative) Christianity, is deemed to be the most “dangerous and discriminatory doctrines”; to the progressive point of view, and agendas, which even include the climate today!

Back to “Biblical Racism” by definition:  the very nature of various (Ethos) ethnic groups, will naturally exhibit different character traits; and values as a people. This is what sociology today calls cultural diversity; or multiculturalism, which is also found in Daniel 2:31-34 and Daniel 2:44 as the “mixing” the feet of iron and clay.

This unification of all the world’s people’s as being one; sounds of the natural man, to be “a good and righteous endeavor”; for the sake of accomplishing “equality” of all humanity, (and sexes) yet this runs completely contrary to God’s (natural) laws; and the separation he intended, right down to the family structuring for a healthy population.

Nowadays, this structuring sounds completely backwards, and deeply discriminatory of people’s and sexuality (roles); and is looked at as being “unfair”, and even bigoted. So today, to accuse one of being “fundamentally racist”; is to hurl an accusation, at the very core of that person’s character – of who they are; and were created by nature to be! This is a trick of Satan, which is being leveled at “God by extension”; for separating the “sons of Noah”  into languages, cultures, beliefs, and or  races.

Mark 13:8 – Bible(s) verses

Mark 13:8 Orthodox Jewish Bible:  shows the significance of the words transcribed in this text, and shows a deeper meaning of why this end times text signifies the return of God in judgment, of the world, along with the “man of sin”; who attempts to play God with signs and wonders, in the pursuit of world unity peace and safety!

Markos 13:8 (OJB) For there will be an (intifada = uprising) of (Nation = Ethos) or – ethnic group against ethnic group and against (malchut = kingdom), there will be earthquakes in place after place, [and] there will be famines. These things are but the beginning of the (Chevlei = I Am) or [Moshiach = Messiah].

In order to achieve “World Unity” of all people’s, the “old Christian informed values of the past” must be systematically dismantled, and trashed as being oppressive to humanity; in order to overthrow the “Nation States” and their (once superior) structuring – to a “NEW WORLD” authority and structuring, which appears to be, going on behind the scenes by Satan: Revelations 17 & 18 – who wishes to be worshipped as God, prior to the destruction of Babylon.

This looks to be the plans of governmental authorities, and politicians wanting power over the people’s of the earth, on a global level today. And just like at the tower of Babel; God will have to intervene once again, to destroy “Satan’s” plan for world unity, (independent of God) also known as Babylon = the blending of mixing of people’s and cultures as one, in world unity.


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