Jesus Loves You: Really?

jesus_loves_you_225_button  (Actual Brethren) : Hey brother, this loving the homosexual (sinner) is growing out of control within the church…

(Antichrist) : Well, Jesus loves them too you know!  Love the person, hate the sin…


We are all taught since childhood, to think well of people, and overlook their shortfalls.  At one level this is fine ( as much as lies within you, be at peace with all men)  but on a spiritual level, natural-born human beings are despised and rejected by God – with the exception of those who are actually found, IN Christ (now) and upon judgment.

Myth # 1 – is that all people are allowed in the fellowship, this is not true, only those who have started with Christ are allowed within the body. The Bible is only taught to actual followers of Christ, as it was written to them, not the world and his wife… You can’t teach people into Jesus!

Willful (CAPITOL) and disobedient sin, should never be allowed to infect the body of Christ; people who are involved in such practices are warned, then rejected from the fellowship.

Why? Not because of legalism, but such sinful disobedience will hinder the work of the Holy Spirit, which actual brethren are told to follow after (receiving) righteousness, (Holiness of Christ) this is the SPIRIT of Truth, we must have a love for, that we MIGHT be saved!

Myth #2 – Jesus doe NOT love the “wicked” (the ones not chosen, before the foundations of the earth) they stand condemned already, and without hope, and will be burnt in the lake of fire – who they are, makes no difference to the Lord, God.

The love of God, was made manifest in the (action) of sending Jesus Christ to die on a cross for sin(s) that they, (“the lost” sheep, “might be saved”) if found in the blood atonement of Christ.

This is an ongoing spiritual work and condition, by God the Father (Sanctification by grace) starting upon ones initial conversion; which is orchestrated and ordained of God alone, by grace: not a ritualistic or habitual religion, as done by man (systematic theologies or ecumenism). Which is the “Spirit” of Anti-Christ; meaning an alternative to Christ – and there is none!

Foot notes * The mixing together those “who are of a different spirit” with those who are attempting to follow, the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit) ; will destroy the workings of the Holy Spirit within the fellowship, and is a preferred tactic of Satan.

Having a love for the world, and people of the world, is at odds with loving the Lord God above all else.

If a man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his own soul..?


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