What does the Bible say about abuse?

Very good insight in this article, yet I have noticed that most people would rather do behavior modification in “Church” – than to come to the Lord God himself, for crucifixion and deliverance “in Christ” of such deeper issues. Why? Because it is easier “not to be touched” in places we don’t want the Lord touching us; and to look good before men, than to turn the old man over for execution… I believe through personal experience, this is one of the primary reasons that actual believers take the broad road, which leads to spiritual death.


The word abuse has taken many meanings over time. Immediately, most assume abuse involves anger or some form of physical violence. This is a simplistic and often misleading view of abuse. Anger is an emotion God gave us to alert us to problems. Righteous anger is not sinful and should not be associated with abuse. Anger mishandled can certainly lead to a sinful, abusive response, but it is a sinful heart, not the emotion of anger, that is the root cause of abuse.

The word abuse is used to describe the mistreatment or misuse of virtually anything. We speak of abuse of trust, drugs, institutions, and objects. These forms of abuse are sinful for the same reason that abuse directed at people is sinful. Such mistreatment is motivated by selfishness and results in damage and destruction. People abuse others for a variety of reasons, but selfishness underlies all abuse. We…

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