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David Cameron To Be Shot

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Enormous Truth – A reason why


Enormous Truth – A reason why

Published on Nov 26, 2015

We don’t like too much trouble, but we like to have things pink and fluffy, non-threatening, but the truth is pretty serious.


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The pain of leaving them…..


Published on Nov 26, 2015

We have to move on, but we feel the sadness as we do so.


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The Cross Only

The Cross Only

Published on Nov 26, 2015

The most ignored truth has to be this…… What does our Lord have to do to be noticed by those who name His Name……..?

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One thing which I have noticed over and over within my life is that I seem incapable of charting my life outside the will of God.

This makes no sense to the natural mind, (in which my free will is contained) within the confines of what God allows, or disallows to transpire. It is only by hindsight, that I am able to look backwards on my life, and come to an understanding of why my Lord did not allow me certain positions within the world.



It is because He loves me, and knows what is best for me in working His will for my life!

I could give the reader many a “smokin example” of how the Lord seemed to frustrate me in what I wanted to achieve – “to be someone in the world” yet my life is really not my own, it was bought with a price at the cross of Christ, paid for in blood, and planned out even before the world began!

Now, to the natural understanding (mind) this is all just seen as gobble-de-goop, nonsense,  and perhaps may be seen as an attempt to justify failure. An opium of the masses Carl Marx espoused.

Yet the TRUTH is only known in the “Spirit of Truth” who is Jesus Christ, made manifest in His believer alone, and not to the world or its people. That’s right, the Lord God only chooses those he has foreknown, even before the foundations of the earth!

Trying to “teach people into Christ” is fruitless, and carnal in one’s understanding as they are operating independently of God, the first leg of sin, the second being rebellion, or disobedience.

You see, walking “in Christ” is only achieved at a deeply personal level, entering the Holies of Holies within your own soul, with Christ being our High Priest – the ONLY mediator between God and Man!

If you are not following and abiding in the vine personally, once starting with Christ you might be testing God’s patience with you, and even worse you are drying up and withering, only to be fit for the burning! I know, I know, this sounds like strict Arminian legalism to most – and not really subscribed to today, as a point of “proper doctrine”. Yet I am not discussing doctrine, nor theology, only my experience in following Christ on the narrow road which leads to life NOW – not after you die!

Systematic theologies try to teach people into following the Lord, it cannot be done; and neither can evangelism devoid of the Fathers will. Some people waste their entire lives being devout in their religious’ activities; but do they really know Him and Follow Him? Most do not, nor will not, as they wish to maintain sovereignty over their own lives while subconsciously trying to offer up self-justification, which there is none before God – except to be found dwelling “in Christ” by His work of sanctification in a DISCIPLES life. The Scribes and Pharisees (academics) of old, attempted to obtain their own righteousness’ by keeping the law, and the early Church observed times and dates with piety, yet they had left their first love: who is only to be Jesus Christ, in “Spirit and in Truth”! The Apostle Paul called them enemies of the cross, as they would not turn themselves over for crucifixion so as to be transformed into His image! This is the only way to spiritual life, any divergence from this narrow path will eventually lead towards permanent separation from God.

This is why the Apostle John said: that many had started with them, yet became diverted to “another Gospel”! This other Gospel is the SPIRIT of Antichrist! It is not being against Christ per say, it is a divergence away from, a love for the truth that “we might be saved” ultimately! This is NOT popular to teach nowadays, yet it is the TRUTH of God, and what He requires of us – to be found in Christ the moment our bodies give out. Even a few seconds after death is no good; unless of course, you are given a second chance at life! It takes our Lord a long time to put to death sin in our lives, and to be transformed into His image. It is only a deep, deep, work of the Holy Spirit, which can achieve such a task, and (with our cooperation) because we love Him, is often missed!

I don’t write posts like these to be popular in the world, which would be grossly contradictory to scripture (being popular in the world) if I was to be found in such a light! This is why Jesus said that the world will hate you for my Name’s sake. You see, the world (flesh and devil) naturally gravitate to ones who are like them (have their nature), and reject those who have the nature of Jesus Christ. Do churches today even consider such a thing? I think NOT, as they are more concerned with hearing “teacher- teacher” or loving the world, their position within the world, and people of the world, more than loving God!

Unity with the world is enmity with God and Satanic, as the believer has been “called out” from the world, and its people, simply to follow Christ (internally)! If you are following anyone else or “going with” anyone else, you are in grievous error before God. This is why Jesus said, you are either with Him or against Him! This is not nursery school stuff, this is a tough and manly war!

The EFFEMINATE CHURCH SPIRIT – Great Whore, who rides the beast, the Mother of Harlots…

The description above is of Man Orchestrated Christianity (Church) systems. It symbolizes a system of orthodoxies devoid of actually following Jesus Christ personally! It symbolizes a reversal of the ordinances of God. It is the Spirit of Antichrist, a replacement or counterfeit (look-alike) to actually knowing Jesus Christ in the Eros sense, (intimately as a bride knows her husband).

Matthew 7:21-23 (NKJV)  I Never Knew You

21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

It is an effeminate spirit, with its offspring coming from the church of the dead women (Christianized Mithraism) sitting on the Seven Hills of Rome. Whereas, God made the Man the head of the Women, as she was a part of him, and belongs to the man – (as in the oneness of Christ and His Bride). She was never created to be a standalone, self-sufficient part of the household. She is not co-equal to her man, and certainly not put in authority, or to be given authority over him! Yet Satan wishes only the reversal of God’s order; as it is he who wishes to place his throne above God’s throne.

And as Satan tempted the women, (the weaker vessel) to sin, she in turned tempted her Man into sin. Satan used the women, as an entry point to the man. This is a very effective tactic indeed, and the sexual revolution then empowered the women to take charge over the man! The men of ancient Israel were cursed of God, by putting women and children (some read servants) over them. This is one of the many reasons that the modern-day church system, is a system of femininity.

It is a nurturing system, which says God loves everyone equally, and without the guilt of sin: for which Christ died. It is the crafted system Satan will use to play God on Earth, loving the world and everyone in it! Humanity does not understand, nor suspect that the son of perdition will appear as a loving King of (Babylon) the world.

I have taken the time to point out this effeminate spirit, as it is often missed nowadays within systematic theologies. Then the more obvious sins as listed below: and are self-evident and need no explanation of why these sins will separate us from God.

If you have not noticed, or been informed – all the scriptures agree in contexts, but what you probably have never been taught, is that the whole of the scriptures is only speaking to the elect (people who start with Christ) it was never intended to be read to the world for reproof or correction, only those who would follow Jesus Christ. This is just another of many, many verses, which examine what a follower of Jesus Christ must do. It is in no way “just fire insurance”, but rather a transformation process, we must endure should we wish to be found with Him.

1 Corinthians 6:9 (KJV) Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind.

I believe that today, we are seeing the makings of a world devoid of God, and even His principles once honored in the past by western nations. On a human level, this is gut wrenching to a child of God! Yet it is prophesized before the return, or second coming, of Christ. It is the feet of Iron and Clay (multiculturalism) in the book of Daniel. It is Islamic terrorism found in Daniel 10:13-14. The great falling away, the age of delusion and the darkness comes when no man can work. It is Nation against nation (Ethos) in Hebrew – and Kingdom against Kingdom. Great bloodshed upon the earth, and the betrayal of governments to their people (for the one world order).

This is why many believers will be handed over to prisons, some tortured, and some executed. Wickedness avails on the earth because “He who now restraineth” (the Holy Spirit) is gone, (as far as a general grace upon the populations of the world is concerned) – NOT the believer!  Men once considered of sound mind (like the founding fathers of the U.S.for example) will be marked as extremists! Why? Because the days are evil, and the nature of Satan (which is within his people), now has no restraints or consciousness of the Lord God.

So man, of God, take charge, push in, and be ready for the final skirmish; only looking to our Redeemer and Savior, and never back to Sodom, like Lot’s wife!


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He Intends


Published on Nov 10, 2015

Let’s remember who’s in charge here.

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Be Ye Separate

” God’s Way is separation from the world, not unity with it! “

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November 14, 2015 · 11:12 pm

Agony groups

 Published on Nov 10, 2015

Now you know the source of your anguish, and why you feel it.

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Know who your enemy is

Published on Nov 10, 2015

This is why we get so much grief. The last place you were looking for the enemies of God. They were not those who you expected.


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Shelving Jesus Christ.

Cammel Butts

I was friends with a man who may have started off with Jesus Christ, but through his actions he never grew in Christ, and rather than to give up his love for the things of the world to actually follow Him Christ as a disciple within his life; he puts the Lord God on a shelf, amongst his collections dusting Him off on Sundays, to pay tribute too – while forgetting and walking in Him, during the week.

This is not uncommon at all by most professing Christians, so I have decided to use the oldest friend of mine, as an example of the cost which must be paid, should one hope to enter the kingdom of heaven NOW, before they die!

This heart attitude towards the Lord God is a very neat little arrangement, and such men are never short on providing lip service towards the Lord when pushed. However, he never seems to be proactive “in” Christ, outside of the “train garden” of his life. As you may, or may not have guessed; the man I am speaking about is a Priest, in the Cult of the dead women. The mother of harlots developed under Constantine.

The abominations of what he had to have experienced while in seminary never seemed to spark any type of repentance towards walking in the truth. That too was shelved, so that he could be called rabbi, rabbi, in the streets by men.

As far as I know, the man doesn’t practice gross indecency towards God, but none the less he seems to have been given over to the “things which he loves more than God”. He loves his position in the world and being seen as righteous by many. He absolutely loves the same hobbies he once loved as a boy, only to have added towards his collections tenfold, and in full size, what he once held dear, in a scaled down version. He travels and photographs all his love for the world, at many a nostalgic location.

I cannot condemn this once brother and friend because he seems to have become blinded towards his own spiritual end. I too once loved the hobbies of this friend and collected allot of memorabilia to a lesser extent, the wealth of personal artifact’s which my friend enjoys, and must have to store in additional buildings apart from his personal property. I must say, if I were still a man of the world, I would be jealous and full-on envy for this man’s possessions and stature amongst men, yet I am not.

The reason I believe is because the Lord God never allowed my heart to become gripped with my love for the things, positions, or stature in the world. This was all done out of love for me, because of grace; yet it never really felt like that was the case as a young man, but rather unjust to me. You see, I like most was pushed and driven to try to obtain to “be someone” in the world. I had never understood the great cost which I would have paid for that with my soul, and in my spiritual life – which would have only led towards my spiritual death!

I tried and tried to obtain a stature in this world, but to no avail it seemed. I struck out on my own as soon as possible, going to sea while in the Coast Guard. My experience there was short lived, a ship chocked full of wickedness of the highest caliber. One shipmate who slept beside me even ended up in jail for a double homicide some years later. Another perished in the icy waters of Alaska while still others went on to become Chiefs and Officers. I, on the other hand, was hated by some in authority over me, who wished to only derail me, at every crook and turn. But, the Lord God knew what he was doing in my life. Ronald Reagan’s Reduction in force (RIF) hit the Coast Guard hard, the ones who had missed their schooling (as did I), and the less than desirables, were given the choice for an early out. I had attempted to switch my rate from the engine department to the deck department and was approved upon the senior Boatswains mate learning that I had worked in the canvas and rigging industry before my enlistment. But for me, this was not to be, as the officer (one of the first females onboard) dropped the ball on my transfer.  I later petitioned the Coast Guard to grant me an upgrade to the code on my Honorable Discharge. I had (perfect) 4.0 conduct marks during my enlistment (meaning I never got into trouble) but was marked on low leadership – even though I was never a leader.

I obtained a Merchant Mariners Document and went back to my love of ships. I obtained high caliber letters of recommendations from senior Naval Officers, who knew me, and my work. I then submitted this documentation to Washington, and finally the upgrade recommendations’ were approved and completed. Now, I could leave the comfort of the Lightship Chesapeake of operation sail, and join the Army Reserves as a watercraft seamen, and later full-time marine engineer.

I was most content while working on the tugboats which I loved to sail upon. The bonding I experienced with the men on the docks was most fulfilling to me. And being a soldier in the field or in garrison seemed to suit me well. I then started dating a gal from the eastern shore where I now lived, and the Lord moved us and started working in our lives in miraculous ways, and we were married in Sept. of 1998.

Then came the 911 attacks on our country. I had switched units looking for promotion towards SFC, but our mobilization for Operation Enduring Freedom now took first place to any personal promotions. After returning home, our (PCA) Church had finally completed the building for the congregation. I was elected to leadership, with the Deacons and Elders class. For once in my life, I had academically not only scored well with the other Deacons but had surpassed the Eldership requirements as well.

Yet this too was not to be. I had just returned to my old watercraft unit, whom I worked for full time. On the second day of training, I experienced a massive heart attack while undertaking water survival training. Something which I had done since my time with the Coast Guard. I felt and saw Jesus Christ shoulder to shoulder next to me when my heart first stopped. I was resuscitated again and again in transit to the hospital, then finally air lifted for emergency stenting. All my arteries were quite clear, except for the thrombus which had lodged itself to the major heart chamber. I remember after taking off my floatation suit, the problems began. I am very thankful I was with the Army that day, those men saved my life!

I also remember looking down on my ambulance, with a feeling of perfect confidence and clarity; which I had never experienced before. Yet my soul knew I was on my way to see the Father, and I pleaded with Him to spare my life, for my wife’s sake – and so I could complete my mission (so to speak) on earth. It is an understatement to say that experience was the most final of all my life, the last words and prayer I had ever muttered. Yet the Lord was gracious to me once again, for His purposes, not mine.

I remember praying that I wouldn’t be just pew stuffing in the Church, I wanted to be effective like Paul and Silas, I wanted the Enemy to know just who I was; as Satan did not know most of the early Church. A hospital nurse later spoke this exact prayer back to me, when I was in the hospital with a second batch of chest pain… The Lord had just spoken through this sister, saying “Mr. Dell, the enemy knows who you are, but this will not stop what the Lord has planned for you”!!!

One thing which I have come to understand is what Jesus spoke about the rich man (rich in this world) and of this world, entering the Kingdom of Heaven. He said it was easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle metaphorically; than to enter (in) the Kingdom of heaven. Verses like this one are put under the theological microscope, and the natural mind attempt to try and explain it away. One such example is making it a gate in Jerusalem, which the camel has to get on its knees to enter. Yet, I have also been told the Greek word for hawser (over 3” in diameter rope) is referenced to having to be threaded through a needle. Yet the natural mind receives not the things of God, as they are spiritual, not fallen like the natural mind. I contend that both analogies are correct, as it is the heart (what you love most) which is important.

This is also why Jesus said, if a man loves the world – the love of the Father is not in him. It’s all about the greatest of all the commandments, loving the Lord God first, and continuing with it… It has nothing to do with theological positioning; it is all spiritual!

I was raised and drilled in Calvinism a theological doctrine of the scriptures. To the letter, it is mostly correct. Yet all the scriptures agree, so it is by no means complete in “its understanding” of the scriptures. Like most man orchestrated writings and studies of the scriptures it is incomplete, with a hit and miss approach. Most who start with Christ in salvation; their hearts become diverted to something in the world which they love more than Him. This is why Jesus also teaches unless a man hates (a strong dis-preference for) his Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Wife, even his own life; he cannot be my disciple!

Jesus said he came to bring a sword (division) of the family, being against the disciple. The Apostle Paul called those who would not be crucified in Christ “enemies of the cross” John called many who started off with Christ, but became “diverted to another Gospel” Antichrists. These are “ministers who have fallen away from the faith” not Satan, or demonic beings. Jesus did not focus personal, or world unity, the hungry, the poor, and all the other social programs within the Church today. He preached rejection of those from the fellowship, who were not brethren, and of a different spirit than himself.

As a result of the man orchestrated systematic theologies, a completely different social gospel has emerged. These are Harlots, not the Bride of Christ, being kept unblemished for her Bride Groom!

This “beast system” is not about loving the truth (Jesus Christ) that they might be saved, but rather it is about loving the world, things of the world, and people of the world, (which will be burnt) more than loving the Father above all else. This is why Jesus Commands come out of her my people in Revelation 17-18.

I have used an old friend in attempt to show, that success in the world, is like the rich man (rich in this world) and he cannot (not elect of God), nor will not (the broad roader) turn himself over for execution so that Jesus Christ can actually be made manifest in him, before he dies. This type of “Christian” individual, is who Jesus is speaking too when they proclaim their works for him within their lives. He says, “go away from me, you workers of iniquity” “I never knew you” (intimately speaking).

I firmly believe, although the Lord has provided much creature comforts to me and my household, that he never intended me to find my “notch for success” within the world. It is written if the world loves you it is because you are one of them. But is the world hates you, it is because you are not of this world: (and they can clock it!)

PS: Satan will push equality, humanistic love, and world unity.

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