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The Light “was” in the World…

13127000255_01be3e21d3_bI am talking about general grace which shined in the world, even for those who had never seen him nor known him… The Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus told that the light in the world doth shine; and that we must work while we have that light for the gospel’s sake – who is Christ crucified: to paraphrase.

Yet I believe the time how now come, of darkness, and gross darkness in the world’s people. This darkness will remain until the Lord Jesus Christ comes again to judge the living and the dead. People will want the mountains to fall onto them and be covered from this light – who is Christ returned, the scripture teaches, but there will be no escape on that great and awful day.

It seems to me that this is where we are in human history; any Godly behavior is looked upon as fanatical or even hateful, yet in actuality it is a love for the truth, which drives the disciple and not scorn. Evil becomes good and good becomes evil. Everything is 180% out of sync with Gods order, and liberty: as Satan’s people now rule over the earth, with no restraints from the Holy Spirit.  This will not be put right again, till Christ returns with his Bride, to rule and reign with a rod of Iron.

Some will say – don’t be ridiculous, we don’t even believe in God (until Satan appears as God) or maybe, that we are evolving socially or physiologically. Yet what Peoples have believed, makes little difference to what actually exists; (all be it most people are blind and dumb spiritually speaking) – so what they  refuse,  or can’t see, WILL – still hurt them one day: and they’ll be no escape from eternal fire.

What is OFFENSIVE has always depended upon whose perspective, the so-called offense is viewed from. As an example, Murder has traditionally been seen as an offence in most societies of the past around the world, in making a blanket statement. Yet today, it is offensive to say that abortion is murder to many: or that beheadings is wrong, depending upon the relativism of the offence as viewed by those who insult the wicked warlord. Cannibalism is an extremely offensive and deprived practice, yet in the past, in some places considered normal. The world today seems to be getting more depraved; because of the rise of rebellion against God and sin. Yet to a humanist, this progression seems grand and “absolutely” right.

Homosexuality was once considered offensive, and an indecent and depraved practice, a gross sin of sexual promiscuity. Yet today, for anyone to openly say it is offensive is considered wrong, and damned near illegal! A woman’s place is in the home, is now offensive to say – and don’t try to introduce levity by saying something like “boobs and a badge” or a “dick’less Tracy”, when referring to women in law enforcement. This would definitely be defined as sexist / offensive and would probably cost you your career or even worse!  Same thing within our Armed Forces nowadays; yet our enemy doesn’t care, he will exploit any weakness which he can, and doesn’t care about one’s feelings in these matters, hell he might even cut off your head! I can give many examples in what is considered offensive to some, is perfectly just and right, to another. Years ago, the mixing of people’s was considered wrong – in that God separated the Peoples of the world: Yet today, this is perfectly acceptable, and is even being promoted slowly by progressives, with the goal of procreation  for a single race of people; or the so called theory goes, (man wanting to play God). Power has become “god” not conscience, and “the children of the devil” (unregenerate) will justify any behavior, for any reason, which suites their cause.

The reason for this is not that the ultimate authority (the Lord God) has moved: but rather that mankind is allowed to become more depraved than ever before; as “all the restraints have come off”! Jesus taught that in these days, many would be cast into prison for his namesake. These are just a few examples as to why the gross darkness  has come – which must come – prior to Satan’s short reign on earth, the destruction of Babylon by God and his People, and the Great White Throne Judgment.

Keep your lamps full of oil, it will be a dark season, prior to the Bride Grooms’ return.

Nation against Nation (Ethos) and Kingdom against Kingdom. The End.


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Come out of her, my people (link)

Swedish church removes crosses to make Muslim migrants feel welcome

Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

These types of people are what the Apostle Paul called enemies of the cross of Christ, they refused to be crucified into his image.  This IS the OFFENCE of the CROSS! False Brethren move exactly in opposition towards walking in the truth of the Gospel which they claim to represent. Furthermore, it is an abomination to move contrary, and in direct violation of God’s law. It is rebellion, and as witchcraft, to move in independence of the Lord God, and his ordinances. It is Heresy for women to act and take on the roles which God ordained for men: particularly within the marriage bed!

Just like when Christ walked the earth in condemnation of a religion which bore no resemblance to what was handed down by Moses and had diverted the Israelites away from God, and unto themselves: the modern-day Church and its anti-Christs will also be destroyed. This is the great falling away – the whore spoken about in the book of Revelation, drunk on the blood of the Saints. “Her world headquarters” appears to be the seven hills of Rome, in which the “Man of Sin” will be revealed, and worshiped as God.

Allow me to ask you a question dear reader: Do you love the Lord God of Israel more than that of people or things of the world? Or is God but second or less in your life, than yourself, and your position within the world?

The Church today confuses having a love for the world: and having a love for the Lord – who is the truth of God, that we might be saved from Sin.

We must keep our wedding garments unstained from the world, and the world’s people – as a faithful bride – and not a Harlot!


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When Cultures Collide; People Divide.

Back when I worked in equal opportunity while in the Army, we were all taught this basic premise.

Assimilation is most important for cohesion, be it in the military, or in society. As EO’s it was our job to create an environment which promoted unity – not division within the ranks. To have a common unity is essential for people to live and function well in harmony.

In the American culture, it was a common language, and laws written which fostered respected and compassion towards others, and belief systems which has bridged most ethnic, and religious’ groups within our history. The Predominant Christian ethos, allowed others the liberty to function and live without reprisal from government or sociopaths wishing to force a particular viewpoint, or lifestyle even on the smallest minority group which emerged over time.

Ethical behavior and laws were based largely on how the majority of the population would be affected; known as the greater good. This newly found freedom allowed people and businesses to flourish, and better themselves, unlike any other Country on earth! This great experiment produced the American exceptionalism, known and spoken about around the world.

We lived as Americans, having a great hope for our future, even in the things which divided us, and we overcame adversity together; all because we shared a common dream based on respect for others and our common nationalism.


Only a psychopath would wish to unhinge and destroy such a society, who was bent on control, power and destruction of others! The Founding Fathers of the American Constitution understood the dangers associated with tyranny, and a group of people having absolute control over others. So they created checks and balances in Government, which helped to ensure a power grab from any one particular branch of Government, which ultimately might take control of the Entire Government and its Peoples.

When that balance is gone, it is just a matter of time till the people become enslaved by this ruling class.

I have never known a U.S. President who has subverted and divided the American People like, Barack Hussein Obama. Yet he is not alone, or his overreach for power would have been put in check by now! It is my personal belief that a global (Satanic) movement, wishes to destroy each individual Nation State, and blend together all people’s (individuals) who might attempt to resist the “feet of Iron and Clay” (multiculturalism) spoken about in the end of the age, within the book of Daniel.

The Lord God, will crush and destroy this new attempt at building Babble, probably only after Satan appears in impersonating God; as foretold in the scriptures. Ethos against Ethos (in the Hebrew) and Kingdom against Kingdom will rise towards destruction.

You see; the Lord God separated people’s of different tongs to their regions of the world to live and procreate, for some assembling of peace and stability. Yet today, humanity is in rebellion against God’s principles and ordinances. Ultimately cayos, bloodshed, and destruction will be the result, for not honoring the Lord God, who is the ultimate authority of the Universe.

Yet God is still on his throne, even though the camp of the Saints has been overrun, and few actual disciples still are alive today – in comparison with the past. Darkness has come when no man can work, and the restraints (Restrainer) has slowly been removed, giving a general grace to the world, and even Satan’s people. I never understood before why the Lord would burn the world in utter destruction, but now I see why: as people who are not the Lords are completely wicked, and children of the devil without repentance from sin. It is SIN which is the issue; not culture, upbringing, nor even beliefs, can change a corrupted, and completely infected hard drive (to use computer jargon) which must be replaced by a non-corrupted driver – who is Jesus Christ – Crucified.

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The Real Christmas Message (link)

From: GodThoughtsWired  Monday, December 21, 2015

Real Christmas

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The Purpose Driven Deception – Exposing Rick Warren’s World Agenda (link)

Published on Feb 5, 2014

This documentary will expose all of the problems with Rick Warrens Purpose Driven Agenda. His global vision to join Islam and Christianity (Kings Road); and the heresy behind it. The problems with his watered-down gospel. His early/life-long influences both religious and secular. The fact that his greatest mentor was not even a Christian but an atheist in the secular world of business and community building. This is very well done with the utmost due-diligence. Do not skip through it, you will only cheat yourself.

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Personal Integrity

Published on Dec 18, 2015

Where your personal integrity is violated it is not a work of God.

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The Power of The Pagan Season


Published on Dec 17, 2015

Beware, you can get sucked in by the enemy, in real time.

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Anthem of death


Published on Dec 17, 2015

The cry of the lake of fire bound people is always to deviance, disobedience, and compromise. They rejoice in not being the right place with God, and thumbing their nose at Him.

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A Man’s World… That was right!

Combat Man's GI Joe case.

Back in the day, boys were taught what a Man’s duties and responsibilities were… But not today!

You know, I am bias towards women taking on certain jobs “unnecessarily” before the Creator of man, and women – who was woven out of the man to be his helpmeet – and not equal or equivalent to.

It is a man’s responsibility before God to be the defender of his home, wife, children and property. Back in the day when God honoring principles still applied, it was women and children first aboard a sinking vessel. These acts of sacrifice and righteousness before God were understood, as taking on the right responsibilities, in being created as a man. It was not done out of shivery nor heroics, but out of a once common decency.

Raising of children in the home, and taking care of her husband, was once considered the greatest calling a women could have. Great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, was the result of a caring and nurturing mother, who put her own needs second to her husband and children.

This was the family structuring which once flourished, and nourished the strengths of Nations! The man’s role was to have the utmost respect and care, out of love, for his wife and family, even to the point of sacrificing himself unto death – if need be.

This is the same type of sacrifice that the Lord Jesus Christ made so that we who follow him might have life, and life abundantly now as we live and breathe within our daily lives. This sacrificial Lamb of God also is to represent the man of a Christian household. He is the head of his wife and children, as Christ was to his church, and nurtures and cares for her (still).

The scripture teaches that rebellion is a witchcraft; against God and his ordinances. The women who is competing for the role of the man is in rebellion against God, in all the many forms which have crept in, since World War Two. A flip of the calendar does not change the ordinances of almighty God, nor how he expects “his children” to live within a fallen world.

The Creator, the Lord God of Israel, is the ultimate engineer and authority of his creation. And because God is Spirit (the Holy Spirit) we worship him (kiss towards) in reverence and obedience of his leading and ordinances, first in spirit, then in our understanding, we apply this to our lives within the physical realm, the latter part of our existence.

However, Satan the father of lies, (twisted truth) continually is watching the camp of the Saints, and perverting God’s natural ordinances, in an attempt for himself to reign as God. He hates the order of God, a wishes to overthrow it at every turn, even using religion to confuse and deceive humanity.

As time moves on, little by little does the Devil chip away at the foundational structuring of the Christian ethos, he erodes societal structuring to the point that it is nearly unrecognizable to what Jesus Christ taught when he walked the earth. This is predicted however within the scriptures so that Satan will appear on earth as God, just prior to his destruction, and all he has built.

This “end game” is ever growing closer and closer to occurring; with the brethren looking towards it since before the third century. Yet God is not in a hurry, and will have His day, but only after the “man of sin” appears as God performing many (false signs) and miracles which deceive many.

Since most event occur in the spiritual realm first, and then filter down into the physical, is it any wonder that the world is in such turmoil, and out of sync even within nature? This is a rhetorical question, and the answer is of course no.

Women being put in spiritual authority roles over men, is one of the most blatant and rebellious acts against God and His order! God will never install ministerial authority in a women, as to do so would be contrary to his creation order. Now women are permitted to prophesy, (speak) as led of the Holy Spirit of God, provided that she covers her head, and is aware of her position before the Lord, and his angles.

She is to nurture and support her husband first (as with Christ and the Church) and then her children. For any of us to act independent of God (in our hearts) is to stand in rebellion apart from God – the two legs of sin. Jesus Christ came to die for SIN, so that we might have fellowship with the Father. He did not come as a fire insurance program, so that we might walk independent of God in sin; the consequence of is spiritual death (separation) from God. That is why if one has been drawn to the point of salvation (conversion) they must continue to enter in by way of the cross (sanctification) death unto life. This is why Jesus told his disciples to “follow him” – to enter in the narrow gate, which leads to life everlasting.

What Jesus called the broad road, only leads to Death and Hell – he reminded his “DISCIPLES”; he was not addressing the wicked! Remember sin is the issue, not the GPS position of your backside on Sunday morning – or perhaps Saturday. It is not about a rules and regulation religion either, as the letter of the law kills, yet the Spirit makes alive! To someone who is outside of actually knowing and abiding in Christ, this looks extreme and rigid, yet it is not at all. As walking in the truth as He is in the truth, is to focus like a laser on Christ, and Christ alone in dependency (not independency) from Him. It is as natural for us who know Him to look unto Him like a child does his father.

This is why I have said before, that you can’t teach people into Jesus Christ; either He does the work in you, (and you walk after that work) or you’re stuffed! It is not a sign up for Jesus thing, which well-intentioned evangelism has produced, only to be counterfeited by the enemy.

In the world today we must work and function amongst the wicked, so we must remain focused on our salvation – who is Jesus Christ, by way of the cross. We must overcome evil with good, and must respect even ungodly authorities perhaps, which God has allowed within our lives. We must get along with all men, as much as we are able – yet as a matter of conscience, we must clear all things with our Lord.

Walking independent of Him, only leads to more difficulty and greater trials within our lives. Remember, I am talking to actual brethren here: if you don’t know Him the closest you can come to walking with Him is to follow the scriptures (Bible principles) yet they are no substitute, for moving and functioning in Christ our Christian experience.

Look at the world nowadays; we have men acting as women, and women acting as men. Any adherence to the once held roles for women and men, are scoffed at and mocked. Sexual immorality is rampant, and actually paraded in our streets! Paganism, Barbarism, and cultural differences are celebrated and blended together, instead of restraining such people to their regions and cultures in the world. Have you ever noticed that it is the West, which does all the bending over to accommodate peoples who are flocking to the once superior cultures (instead of away from them)?  It is because of the blessings of the Lord God on the West, which are now quickly diminishing because of mixture.

You see, mixture is Satan’s way, Gods is separation, apart from sin and the world. Now a Christian is not to be concerned with what the world gets up to; he is only concerned with loving and following the Lord. If any man loves the world, the love of the father is not in him, the scripture teaches. Yet systematic theologies focus on loving the world, more than loving the Lord God. This is the result of centuries of teaching false brethren, who the Apostle Paul was in fear of for his life in the third century! Don’t believe in Satan you say, well he is the one who has subverted Christian living and principle’s almost beyond recognition today within man orchestrated (Christian) systematic theologies, and ecumentalism.

2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 (ESV)                                                                                                                                  And you know what is restraining him now so that he may be revealed in his time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way.


Keep pushing in with Him, who is able to deliver you!

By, Roland Dell

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The spirit world and the Lord.

The spirit world and the Lord.


Published on Nov 30, 2015

Jonathan Edwards wrote an old book, called ‘”The Experience That Counts” (Experience of God). He was absolutely correct, as, without the experience of God, you cannot know Him, nor walk with Him.
Book learning and theology go but so far, but WILL NOT make someone a disciple, nor give them the authority of God in Christ. No – it is only God who chooses and sends those whom He wishes to teach, and do His work!

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