Blackaby’s Blunder.


While Henry T. Blackaby was a gifted teacher, and man of God I’m sure; he made the common mistake of sharing the experiences of God, with many a non-believer, who had learned up their Bible talk, and doctrines, from someone who had actually started with Jesus Christ and had the experience of him within their life.

This is the “great trap” still today, as introduced by Satan to early brethren, who had taken the broad road, diverting themselves away from Christ, in their natural understanding. Also moving away from Christ in independence from him in by their actions, worship and compromised fellowship. This type of “Broad Road practice, is just like when the Apostle Paul burned the ears of the Galatian brethren. Whom had started with Christ, yet had moved to their own natural understanding within the darkness of their carnal minds. Paul tried to rebuke them sharply that they “might” (ultimately) be saved.

This is nothing new, and as the Apostle John wrote in 1 John 4:1-6. Many had started with “them” yet had become diverted to a different gospel. * I’m not just talking about saying the sinner’s prayer in the order of the scripture. I am talking about actually following Christ upon conversion, because we love him above the world, and even ourselves. John coined these many false teachers as anti-Christ’s or alternatives to actually abiding in Christ. I hate to say it, but he is talking about the ministers of systematic theologies; learning up dates and times, church history and theology. None of which is actually following Jesus Christ, in Spirit and in Truth.

This is exactly why only a remnant of those who have started with the Lord “enter in” with the Lord, as with a bride and her husband. Intimately, and not superficially as with a harlot or the false brethren who have crept into the fellowship of Christ’s actual followers.

False brethren (anti-Christs) are everywhere, they are a part of the Babylonian Church system (world church) the daughters of The Harlot Church founded in Rome. There are no two ways about it; you either love the truth who is Jesus Christ himself, or you love the comfort of the world, and the world’s system more than him. You are either for him or against him – not just in thought – but in action.


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