8 Steps to destroy the “Christian informed” Western cultures.

  • Dumb down the population (youth) by teaching values which are inconsistent with western values and culture, creating a rebellion in thoughts and deeds.
  • Divide the existing population of their common principles (and faith) which unify them, by creating conflicts, then move to fill the gaps inserting your operatives.
  • Destroy the balance of powers and representation of Government to the indigenous population, so that they have no voice, while making the minority groups wishes superior to the majority’s needs.
  • Loot and steal any financial assets available to the indigenous population, making them incapable of fighting back, while controlling the disenfranchised masses.
  • Import people completely different from the ethnic groups which have already assimilated into the culture on mass; and make many of them men, capable of overthrowing any opposition and taking captive the indigenous women as their own.
  • Create a media blitz (propaganda) which assures the indigenous people that your actions are noble and for the greater good. While marginalizing the opposition.
  • Destroy the fabric of the existing military and police forces, which are capable of reversing or defending the traditional freedoms long enjoyed by the population.
  • Destroy the communication of indigenous population, and disarm them in any way possible so that they feel helpless to further resist.


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2 responses to “8 Steps to destroy the “Christian informed” Western cultures.

  1. Rick Hill

    Brother, for someone who did not get these out of a Communist handbook, I’d say you are a spot on!

  2. Thank you Rick, I did forget about the destruction of the family unit, as you pointed out however.

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