Hard personal lessons learned “in Christ”.



If you have met Jesus Christ, you MUST continue to follow him in spirit and in truth.

Despite all the theology about Jesus Christ, and the Father – it is our deeply personal relationship that we must keep intact, should we wish to continue “in him” till the day we are absent from the body, should we wish to enter into his Kingdom. You see, the issue is our sin – it must be put to death within us. We who know Him must strive to enter in with him each and every day.

The Lord God will strive with us in turning ourselves over for execution by means of the cross. The “old man” must be replaced with the “new man” who is Christ in us, the “hope of glory”. Doing “things” for Jesus is a no-go; and is what most people do who are “initially regenerated” yet they replace actually walking with the Lord in obedience to his voice within them, for religious regimentation of some sort!

Turning oneself over for execution of the old man is most difficult, as this is the way our inner most sin(s) are put to death – and most are unwilling to do so, for a comfortable life within the world! The scripture tells of the election of the saints by grace, and that it is the Lord who is doing a work in (us) the actual elect brethren, yet we are responsible to work out our OWN salvation with fear and trembling.

Salvation is the continuing work of the cross of Christ within his sheep (who hear his voice). It is not a simple fire insurance having once started with him! Yeah, it IS his work alone within us which performs the sanctification into his image, yet it is sin that WE must TURN OVER to the cross (or not) that is the real issue! It is much easier simply to go through a routine of religiosity than to be executed daily.

In contrast, systematic theologies run on – and are dependent upon “the herd” of people’s to keep them in operation! Very few, if any today operate on trusting and actually moving in Christ! This is why Paul called them enemies of the cross – meaning that they refuse to be crucified – death unto new life! “The Leadership” in these type of organizations are what the Apostle John called anti-Christs’ or alternatives to actually walking and abiding in Christ – ourselves!

These are hard lessons learned of, and in myself; they are not seminary learned lessons, but personal ones. It has taken me many years to understand just what it means to be a disciple, and mostly because the Lord had to work very hard to put to death in me my natural understandings of doctrines taught by those who are not with him – the “Chuuurrrch” systems embedded all around us today. These are the greatest threat and counterfeits to actually moving and abiding in Christ ourselves! The sly fox the Devil understands this, and he focuses his attacks on the heart of the brethren (where our Lord is found) into the head, using doctrines, theologies, arguing and in general, false brethren (the unsaved) to reinforce his efforts!

In closing if you wish to “do something” for Jesus; start by being still and listening to him who will direct your path. And don’t put any man between you and your Lord!

by, Roland T. Dell



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