Multicultural love of Sin.

If you’re anything like me, (vexed with the filthy sins of the wicked) you might want to just go live in the past, like many a natural man in longing for a better time on earth… Yet you really cannot, if you wish to “enter in” now (and later) by faith in Jesus Christ, to his heavenly kingdom.


Nowadays mixing it all together – as in the prophecy of the feet of Iron and Clay, which God will destroy, found in Daniel 2:33 – (multiculturalism, multiracial, “multi-sexual-ism”) you name it, it’s already here!

The restraints are gone 2 Thessalonians 2:7, the camp of the saints has been overrun, Revelation 20:9 – and science is now god. The Apostasy of having a perverse – sentimental type love for everyone, and every life style, regardless of sin, has evolved as the “new” right and wrong. This is what Satan will build his kingdom on I believe…  If you dare to speak out against it, you will be “persecuted” in the courts, church, the internet, or public squares!

If you’re a child of God, you might be handed over for prosecution, and in some places, even executed for simply standing against evil. This is why Jesus said that before he returns “again” to judge the living and the dead, and destroy Satan, the “King of Babylon” who the world will view as God, would indeed happen, and is happening all around us now, with a vengeance for the old “Christian informed cultures” (the West) whom everybody and their brother flocks to; yet not to assimilate – but to overthrow and destroy!

It is NOW nation against nation (ethos in the Hebrew) where we get the English word ethnic; and Kingdom against Kingdom. If you can’t see it, this is because you are blind, and perhaps have been “given over” to STRONG delusion, 2 Thessalonians 2:11 – also prophesied about within the scriptures, at the end of time.

The key to surviving such a day and time, is to keep ones heart focused upon the kingdom of heaven, now within a disciple of Jesus Christ (let your eye be single). Lot and his daughters managed to do this very thing (keep their hearts upon the Lord) – yet Lot’s Wife (who is not even named) could not! Why? Because she loved the people and things of this world (Sodom), more than she loved the Lord God of Israel, thus forfeited her life both spiritually and physically!

The “heart issue” is the same today for people who are actually found to be “in” Christ. Satan uses the natural understanding to do his work; so even if one knows “sound doctrines in between their ears” (as does Satan), this is no guarantee what so ever, that they have been drawn, or are being made into the image of Christ, by way of his cross! After all, salivation is God’s work alone by grace to who he pleases, not man’s “in shaking a Bible”, no matter how noble his intent. In my old days in street ministry, we used to call this a messiah complex – yet it actually man wishing to take command and control of God, (in disobedience) of actually listening, then moving in the Lord!

Even the most noblest motives of flesh are no good; and must be carried to the cross. “Broad road” brethren and antiChrist’s, (1 John 2:18-19)  who have no intention of allowing their flesh to be crucified for variety of reasons. Yet without this crucifixion of the old man, Jesus taught that you could not enter in with him, as one must “hate the world, people of this world (the wicked) even family members, and indeed their own life (in comparison) to loving Jesus Christ, who is the truth of God, above all else!

So despite the horrors all around us, we cannot allow our hearts to be divided, nor distracted from walking dependent upon our Lord because we love HIM: and not the world. This is the disciple who is the “good ground” as found in Matthew 13:8, Mark 4:8, and Luke 8:8, Jesus spoke about. This issue “again” is a condition of the heart, and not just intellectual theological or doctrinal issues; as made out by those who do not follow Christ – in “Spirit and in Truth”, but merely “use the Bible” to try to support their theological position!

Finally, if one is careless of taking the narrow road, which leads to life “now” and into eternity, they cannot (emphatic) be a disciple, in loving Christ above themselves, and all else. This is why Jesus said, “that few that it would be who entered”!  The true question remains do you love Christ above all else to include systematic theologies (Church system) and even Bible study, or simply do you have a love for the truth that you “might” be saved; who is Jesus Christ himself? These are not just my words, but our Lord’s word, found throughout the entire scriptures, and clearly understood when taken in contexts!






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