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America First

This is “probably” a copyright infringement – perhaps…

And if that be the case, why is it that “Right Wing Watch” can put up sound bites of Dr. Savage, but I cannot?

I believe in transparency and integrity, but not double standards, so listen while you can, on a “little man’s blog” sharing freely what was on the airways.

I truly hope Dr. Savage won’t mind, I had no way to ask him for permission.


About the audio clip: An audio clip of 2/26/2016 Dr. Savage has a LT COL call his show, expressing on how enemies of a nation think. He believes TRUMP could change America playing second to 3rd world Nation States.




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A Purist.

Rounded Man of God

Allow me to pick on myself as an example of being Holy as Christ was Holy.

For many, many, years I became trapped under the yoke of systematic theologies. My love for the Lord became misplaced by my thinking that I had to do something for Jesus! When in fact, He only wished for me to follow Him in Spirit and in Truth.



The natural mind or Western mind only accepts one’s credentials on a natural (intellectual) level, yet the Lord God does not function in this manner! A truly “born again disciple” merely follows the Lord Jesus Christ as he is led, and no more. For to do so is rebellion, and acting in independence from God within the flesh at the very best! This is what Scribes and Pharisees do, and have always done, independent of God the Father.

It is really quite simple to simply follow “our” Lord’s leading; if we have the nature of Christ within us. It becomes difficult when we get diverted from the Truth of God, only found by abiding in Jesus Christ ourselves, when we start looking to the world around us, instead of remaining focused on the Lord Himself. People who have never seen Him nor known Him, are incapable of discerning the difference as they are “spiritually dead” or separated from the Lord, because of sin.

Only a true follower of Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth will be able to digest the words I have written here today. The rest will flatly reject this post as ridiculous folly or foolishness as they have not the mind of the Lord. I have made the classic mistake of trying to teach people into the righteousness of Christ; this cannot be done, you cannot teach people into Jesus – no matter how good a Bible teacher you might be! Salvation is a work which God does alone, and NO amount of evangelism can change that!

Jesus said, ALL that the Father gave to Him would come, and conversely the ones who are not chosen of God, will not come to Salvation. Now, we do not know who are the lost sheep of Israel, nor the wicked (the ones who reject Christ) except by whether they receive or reject the Gospel, at some point in their lives. However, this problem is not our concern, but the Lords’.

A spiritually mature Elder and the brethren, in general, must be able to tell who is and who is not their brother, or risk being unequally yoked to the world’s people. The fellowship of believers must be only for actual believers – as pigs, dogs, and wolves will indeed attack the sheep, and the sheepfold is no place for such animals, as this is mutually destructive because of “the butcher” the destroyer of the faith!

I could go on and on with this topic, even quoting many a scripture reference, yet it would do no good as I would merely be intellectually wrestling with pigs, who are not in the good of Christ’s work within them, so it would be pointless to continue. The religious leaders at the time of Christ wanted to kill him, and later his disciples. The natural mind sees a disciple as being spiritually proud, or exclusive from their perspective, and they are indeed correct as people who are actually cut off from God “in what they can see”.

Yet having a love for the Truth, and Him alone is the only thing that will save you in continuation of following Him.

Good day, Roland

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Where’s the little girl!?

This is a Facebook video which I found humorous for the following reasons…

In my opinion, this video is a satire on macho or masculine police officers, who might wish they could “act out” their frustrations, to an ever more “heavy handed and micromanaged society”, of fairness and equality, and perhaps police bias, by those who despise the once JudeoChristian informed ethos, once so prevalent in America, by so-called progressives.

It is a quite popular video clip, I think; as I believe more and more men, (at least) are becoming quite frustrated and perhaps resentful, of the once (normal) male dominated jobs, becoming targeted by a type of “political officer”, who are insisting upon emasculation of these traditional type men, in using, feminism, and perverse diversity indoctrination, to maintain power and control over the populace.

This political mantra is being forced upon the traditional heterosexual American male, in any and all aspects of society by Obama’s progressives.

Skits like this one, are in type of comic relief – which flies in the face of the “thought police” (unconscious bias training) now being instated by the Obama administration within all the nations “services” quietly, and upon the more conservative heterosexual male, (and veterans) who refuses to be emasculated by government…

Remember, the act of legislation, or even medical manipulation of different sorts does not – and will not change the nature of who we are created to be as individuals.

Or perhaps I am just over thinking this due to my frustrations with the direction of our nation… Can I still have an opinion? If not, then I’m certainly correct!


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Discrimination & Security

{Obama’s diversity and thought control, is more important than national security}

Does anyone go to the market and not discriminate in produce, or many other items they select? If you don’t, you might just get sick, weak, and possibly even die… The “selective service” was no different!

On my “sound cloud’ audio page, this is labeled “Savage MIL – CIA discrimination”. The reason for this labeling is because I still know soldiers inside the U.S. Army, who are consistently being scrutinized as some sort of bigot’s, in having a private opinion which may appear to some as discriminatory. Holding a different set of values (Conservative Christian Ethics) is now being marginalized and attacked, by those who would disagree.

This could cause a soldier to be “evaluated”, reprimanded, barred from promotion, or even discharged, for simply being politically incorrect in their thinking. This is indeed possible under military law – as the ARMED FORCES are enabled to discriminate legally because of things such as disabilities, considered not suitable for military service. Only the politics have changed…

It seems to me that the conservative Christian informed ethos of the past, mostly targeting the straight “white male as the scapegoat” (who still is in the majority of positions) including combat arms – ironically ” will no longer be tolerated”, as such “hidden”  traits are deemed “intolerant” of the “new military” standards. (Since 2008 I’ve been told, since I retired from the Army in 2007)

Dr. Savage say’s it so well, in explaining the exploitations of an overbearing Government; on not only in  the CIA but the Military and Paramilitary organizations as well, which was once manned by the American fighting man. Military personnel are unable to voice their opinions in this area: so I thought perhaps speaking out for those who have no voice, might make “representatives of the majority of the people” stop, think, and maybe put right this injustice – but I doubt it!


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Darkness Has Come.


2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7 (The Restraints have come off!)


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A Six-Inch Swath of Orange Shag (link)

A Six-Inch Swath of Orange Shag

Average Man and Woman

The Lord God created the man, to be responsible for the provisions and protection of his family.


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Must even satire now go?


I’m writing this opinion on behalf of a friend who quite innocently lampooned an internet bully in pointing out just how ridiculous and misleading a certain left-wing organization was while claiming to represent the U.S. Constitution, and the establishment clause. Specifically, the separation of church and state often misrepresented by a certain social elite class, who have a disdain for anything even remotely representing the Judea – Christian God of the Bible.

This “new establishment” loathes the “old establishment”  (traditional point of view, based on natural law) so much, that their attorneys work around the clock in attempting to kill and intimidate anyone who might dare and speak out against this progressive tide.

Political satire and lampooning the opposition within a free republic, are older than the printing press. The first amendment protects the right of religion, decent, and nonviolent speech in the public square – or at least it used to, before the narrative of “Political Correctness” was born.

The Founders of the U.S. Constitution understood that such freedoms were necessary for the rights of a thinking people to disagree, so as not be enslaved to an all-powerful and overreaching government. The contexts of the establishment clause, written to escape the consequences of a state-orchestrated religion, which many had fled from Europe to the Americas to escape persecution.

This is why the teaching of history is so important because, without understanding history in proper contexts, humanity will be doomed to repeat it! Most of the great U.S. Universities were once based on the Christian ethos, and free thinkers (not rote memorization) until about the time of the First World War. The U.S. Military Academy at West Point continued with their curriculum of chapel services and devotions encouraged to the Lord Jesus Christ, as late as 1963 when atheist Madelyn Murray O’Hare petitioned the Supreme Court to “kick God out” of the public square and every spectrum of Government! From June 1963 forward public prayer has been banned in almost all institutions with the exception of the U.S. Congress.

Additionally, when Jefferson penned the establishment clause, is was not to take away individual expressions of religion, but rather to insure governments could not limit that expression, within the marketplace.  Only within the old “Soviet Constitution” were the words “separation of Church and State” ever written, in the denial of personal liberty and activism, against the Supreme Soviet by the Communist Party, as there was no room for any other loyalty than to the State. Carl Marx, a “Satanist” devised the idea that the best way to do away with the worship of God was to flatly deny his existence.

Darwinism and reason soon replaced God and faith, and the State soon became “god” to most within Russia, punishable by imprisonment and even death. The idea of Humanism and philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche’s (a favorite of Hitler’s) ideas swept throughout Europe in the 1930’s and soon a National Socialism, coupled with an evolutionary supremacy doctrine (science) threatened the world and ideologies’ of separate Peoples.

After the Second World War, the United States had a teacher shortage and helped to fill that void with some of the same social doctrines, (Humanism) which had helped to destroy most of Europe. Our schools became staffed with educators who would no longer promote such “antiquated thinking”, as those who based their teachings on the Bible, or even natural law.

This new educational push forward was to indoctrinate the U.S. population to relativism, rather than the absolutes and merits of a faith-based system based on the Bible, or the Lord God.

In order to achieve such a narrative, the dumbing down of western history and culture was required, with the exception of focusing on the west and colonialism as the villain; rather than putting events in  contexts with the times, and global development.

Today the cycle is nearly complete, the generations raised with no, or little reference to (the Lord) God, absolutes, or even a sense of “right and wrong” due to the philosophy of relativism, and the supremacy of the human mind above all else, creates a whole new vicious cycle of elitists without a conscience for their actions towards others.

Levity, Satire, and Lampooning such an absolute authority, even legally will soon be a thing of the past. As there is no room for dissent  or for the freedom of private thought or expression publicly. Yeah, it is all about power now in creating a new world order devoid of God.

Things will get so unbearable on earth, the scriptures’ teach that the “man of sin” will appear performing many signs and miracles’ so that the world will cry “peace and safety” and worship him “as” God. But only then it will be time to look up – for thy redemption draws near the Bible reads…

The first one ain’t God – no satire intended,

Roland Dell

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