Discrimination & Security

{Obama’s diversity and thought control, is more important than national security}

Does anyone go to the market and not discriminate in produce, or many other items they select? If you don’t, you might just get sick, weak, and possibly even die… The “selective service” was no different!

On my “sound cloud’ audio page, this is labeled “Savage MIL – CIA discrimination”. The reason for this labeling is because I still know soldiers inside the U.S. Army, who are consistently being scrutinized as some sort of bigot’s, in having a private opinion which may appear to some as discriminatory. Holding a different set of values (Conservative Christian Ethics) is now being marginalized and attacked, by those who would disagree.

This could cause a soldier to be “evaluated”, reprimanded, barred from promotion, or even discharged, for simply being politically incorrect in their thinking. This is indeed possible under military law – as the ARMED FORCES are enabled to discriminate legally because of things such as disabilities, considered not suitable for military service. Only the politics have changed…

It seems to me that the conservative Christian informed ethos of the past, mostly targeting the straight “white male as the scapegoat” (who still is in the majority of positions) including combat arms – ironically ” will no longer be tolerated”, as such “hidden”  traits are deemed “intolerant” of the “new military” standards. (Since 2008 I’ve been told, since I retired from the Army in 2007)

Dr. Savage say’s it so well, in explaining the exploitations of an overbearing Government; on not only in  the CIA but the Military and Paramilitary organizations as well, which was once manned by the American fighting man. Military personnel are unable to voice their opinions in this area: so I thought perhaps speaking out for those who have no voice, might make “representatives of the majority of the people” stop, think, and maybe put right this injustice – but I doubt it!



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