Where’s the little girl!?

This is a Facebook video which I found humorous for the following reasons…

In my opinion, this video is a satire on macho or masculine police officers, who might wish they could “act out” their frustrations, to an ever more “heavy handed and micromanaged society”, of fairness and equality, and perhaps police bias, by those who despise the once JudeoChristian informed ethos, once so prevalent in America, by so-called progressives.

It is a quite popular video clip, I think; as I believe more and more men, (at least) are becoming quite frustrated and perhaps resentful, of the once (normal) male dominated jobs, becoming targeted by a type of “political officer”, who are insisting upon emasculation of these traditional type men, in using, feminism, and perverse diversity indoctrination, to maintain power and control over the populace.

This political mantra is being forced upon the traditional heterosexual American male, in any and all aspects of society by Obama’s progressives.

Skits like this one, are in type of comic relief – which flies in the face of the “thought police” (unconscious bias training) now being instated by the Obama administration within all the nations “services” quietly, and upon the more conservative heterosexual male, (and veterans) who refuses to be emasculated by government…

Remember, the act of legislation, or even medical manipulation of different sorts does not – and will not change the nature of who we are created to be as individuals.

Or perhaps I am just over thinking this due to my frustrations with the direction of our nation… Can I still have an opinion? If not, then I’m certainly correct!



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