Dismissive and Defiant

That’s what the world’s people are to an actual disciple of Jesus Christ!

Jesus said to the religious leaders of his day: “Why do ye not understand my speech? Even because ye cannot hear my word”! This dear reader is a spiritual condition, and it has nothing what-so-ever to do, with one’s understanding of the scriptures!

Now, please note that Christians will say nowadays, “that is an Old Testament passage (and indeed it is), and we accept Jesus Christ as Lord”. Yet like in the days of Jesus, this matter is not just a matter of intellectual understanding, but rather a spiritual condition of the heart, soul, and spirit. If these things have not been made anew by the indwelling Holy Spirit, they are but academic in nature only!

This is precisely the reason that men CANNOT teach people into Christ, which is the habit of many, dare I say all the organizational church systems today.

I have been elect towards salvation since before the world began, and I think Satan knew it! “All of sundry” it seems, could clock this in me, and react accordingly, as a child of the Devil. This manifests itself as rejection by the world in the form of exclusion, and if pushed, in defiance of God within us.

It has nothing to do with how well someone can file the scriptures between their ears, but rather it is the basal natures which are in constant conflict! I have spoken many a time in my life being  dismissed or even marginalized, even by those who are most close to me.

As a marine engineer, I once conveyed per datum, the exact condition of a marine casualty report, yet I was refused to be heard by the supervisor… He then looked over at another employee who repeated what I had just said, and then thanked him for the information! The other man was a friend of mine, and looked at me in amazement to what he had just witnessed!

That’s how it is as an actual disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, the truth (which is spiritual) will not go into people. This is also why Jesus said in John 15: 18-19 18 If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hated you. And Matthew 10:22 and ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endures to the end shall be saved. This is speaking about the ongoing work of salvation/sanctification in being transformed into Christ’s image by way of the cross, as well.

This type of rebellion is the nature of the flesh, striving against the Spirit of Truth – who is Jesus Christ, within his people. What fellowship does darkness have with light? Is the rhetorical question, and the answer is of course none. So, a believer is commanded to be able to tell just who is with the Lord, (by spirit not by doctrine or legalism) and who is not. Allow me to say that, this type of discernment is not normally learned overnight, and it takes mature men of God to be able to identify who is who, especially with those who are well versed in theology and scriptures, referred to by the Apostle John as anti-Christs, and enemies of the cross, by the Apostle Paul.

Still, with that being said, a disciple can still tell at a spiritual or subconscious level, the dismissive or hostile spirit within the wicked. It is my opinion that someone who is attracted to “Born Again” brethren, may well be lost, and later found by the Lord, by His grace alone, at some point in their life.

I have also noticed that no matter how hard I rant and rave at people to listen to me, I cannot force them to conform to what I have spoken, as it is not within my power to convince them, or show them something which I can see, but they cannot as they are blind, deaf and dumb, and the truth (Jesus Christ in Spirit) has no place in them.

This can also occur amongst Brethren, Husband, and Wife, who may be in error, or even rebellion, but that’s for another post.


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