Organic Evangelism

Small TugWe all know about doing systematic evangelism(s) within the church system, which our Lord has allowed and even used to bring some of his lost to a saving faith. Any repentance unto life is undoubtedly the work of the Holy Spirit within an individual and the work of God alone, yet the freedom in Christ, (for us who truly move in him) has a sweetness which no organizational methodology can replace!

My type of evangelism has always been “organic” and “not organizational” in the least. I used no ready to read scriptures to move in doing this work, it was never contrived or planned, it just flowed naturally from within me. I can remember staying up all night and giving testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ’s working within my life as easily as drinking water. The crewmen of the tug boats and barges used to love and pontificate about life and their experiences to other crew members, in a time of what I call organic fellowship. I was always surprised just how much attraction they had towards the Lord’s workings and the Gospel!

I think the reason is because it is the Lord who is responsible for each and every situation within our lives, and when His Spirit moves amongst people, it is not only easy and natural to share but to try to contain it, (the Holy Spirit) would spell instant death to his moving!

Do you get what I am saying? In short, “keep your grubby mitts out of” what God is attempting to do and just go with the flow of fire and water! The letter of the law kills no matter how noble the cause, and preaching the gospel is no exception!

This is what many organizational “so called ministers” refuse to grasp, it is because “they are doing it” rather than simply following the leading of the Lord (if he) is within them. It is like that with everything, yet the (natural) mind  stands in independence and therefore in the “purest sense” is in rebellion towards God (by the flesh) yet perhaps unknowingly: and unless the Lord chooses to work around this error in spirit and in truth, well, you’re dead in the water so to speak.

In my experience, as the dawn would break and the sun would peek out over the water many would have a new sense of purpose and understanding of their lives and the role in which the Lord God of Israel played in it.  One of the most satisfying things for me was, not only did I get to share with others my faith but I learned from others some great lessons about life and how to handle hardship.

We didn’t have to worry about “government intervention” concerning the things we spoke about back then because it was freedom of expression at its purest levels and no PC thought police around to dictate what we could, and couldn’t speak about. Nor were there those aboard who would take “offense of the cross” as these conversations were not for the wicked’s ears but orchestrated by the ultimate authority, our Lord, and for us alone!

Such were many of my days aboard Army transportation corps vessels and how wonderful it was to experience such freedom outside the world’s systems!


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