Organizational Evangelism

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Etchmiadzin_cathedral-CD Do you remember what Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew 13:13Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand”?

This shows an election towards salvation, of who the Father gives to Jesus (and by contrast) who is not given to understand. Well then, only a disciple who moves in Christ is able to move and function in effective evangelism. Without having the commissioning of the Lord, how is it then that systematic theologies go out into the world like a blunderbuss and blast those with the Gospel? It is most likely because they take the Bible out of context in using their natural understanding. Namely, Matthew 28:16-20 (The Great Commissioning) in which Jesus was speaking directly to his 11 disciples. Christendom has taken this commissioning of God to his specifically appointed and anointed Apostles and has applied it to themselves creating, in the flesh, Church Organizations having “so called” ministers and missionaries moving throughout the world who proclaim the Gospel of the Lord.

The Lord God undoubtedly has honored the western cultures for doing this and worked within the confines of their ignorance – or natural understanding as their hearts were in the right place, often despite their own efforts. In other words, the Lord’s will was done even if one’s understanding of the scripture was imperfect. The problem nowadays (now that the Gospel has gone out into the world) is that most people unknowingly use the Gospel to try and justify themselves before God as “good Christians”, but many, (dare I say most) are enemies of the cross in their personal life as they refuse to be conformed to his image if they have indeed started with Christ.

This spirit of error manifests itself in the Christian religious world as what John coined “the spirit of antichrist” who are those who started with Christ, (like in the book of Galatians’) but became diverted away from following him (by the flesh) while using their own efforts in observing dates, times, and ceremonial practices. Does that sound familiar to you?

These religious practices within Christianity have now morphed with a tremendous amount of mixture which is devoid of condemning sin. The wicked in using the theology that since God is love, He loves everyone and accepts every behavior in licensing sin, rather than being crucified in Christ  towards repentance themselves. In my opinion, this is the false church, the “Chief Anti-Christ”, and the mother of whores found in Revelation 17 sitting upon the 7 hills of Rome and revealing Satan as God to the world as found in Revelation 18 who the world will worship. Protestantism doesn’t get off the hook either. These whores are still related to the mother of whores within systematic theologies after the Lord has sent forth strong delusions into the world. This is why the scripture teaches in these days to “Come out of her my people.

Allow me to say, I am not trying to bash anyone found within the man orchestrated church system, yet I am attempting to show the gravity of a heart that does not directly follow the Lord Jesus Christ. You cannot serve two masters, yet that is what many unknowingly do as they seek comfort within religious groups and the world.

I say, take heed this is not you!





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