Jesus Christ-Vision

Christ my King, Crucified

For those who actually know Jesus Christ, at certain times, He may choose to reveal himself or supernatural things concerning Himself to his disciples, in strengthening their walk with Him concerning their faith. Unfortunately, the enemy is also trying to deceive the elect, yet I have noticed in my experiences that my Lord always provided a more experienced Elder in teaching me about spiritual deceptions and truths.

This was a quick sketch I made in the mid 80’s of a vision I “ever so briefly saw” of Christ watching me. He looked crucified to me at the time, and in “White- as a Spirit”. I will tell you that he was impressing upon me His concern for my carnality at the time, and reminding me of the cost which he paid for sin. I am posting this picture on the net today, not for sensationalism, but rather to show that the Lord is gentle and meek and does show Himself to his sheep, but normally you must pay close attention to Him, forsaking everything else around you.

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