So obvious, it’s complicated!

​I have noticed over my years of walking with my Lord, that naturally I will manifest his nature in my “mind’s eye”, as it is “He” who has shown me His Truth by His Spirit.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

The counterfeits to this truth have been Bible based theologies, and sometimes doctrines! WHAT – are you kidding me? Most would be inclined to ask, and with good reason, for most work externally while trying to “digest the scriptures” into their natural understand, (cerebral) which receives NOT the things of God!

Got It? I just did – at 57 years of age now,and finally fellowshipping with “real born again in spirit” brethren and Elders! I’m not talking about emotionalism (soulish) activity in experiencing God, nor even his gifting’s, I’m speaking about those who can readily identify Jesus Christ within themselves, not found in the masses of people’s! (1 John 4).

Let me give you an example; today​ after over 30 years of Bible in my life, I’ve spoken with a brother who like me has had an “inkling from the Holy One” when concerning his memories of the scriptures. We both have searched and searched concordances for a lot of verses – which we can never seem to find! The reason is because these verses (which we know are scriptural) and in contexts are living – as in hearing the voice of our Lord. Often it is days, weeks, months, and even years later, which we stumble upon the texts in the Bible. Historically this is why many transcripts of scripture were found stashed away on people’s notes (for hundreds of years) all around the globe even at the cost of death, and who had never met; yet the verses were nearly identical to the actually printed texts of the scriptures, which had yet to be published!

This is an extraordinary and supernatural event, and witness of being one of God’s Sheep. The greatest part to me is, that you need not be an academic to have this ability, only humble with a meekness of heart! This sounds like dribble, and disgusts the natural man, as he is full of pride self-will and his own natural abilities.

The Carnal man aggressively resists and even hates those who are low enough to function in Jesus Christ! I believe the reason for this is so the Lord can personally teach his actual ecclesia. As we should never move independently of our Lord like many broad roaders do who are in and full of themselves because of their natural abilities and memories. We who are on the narrow way are being taught to listen, move, and hear our Lord so that we might be able to move in power and in strength, as only He is able to lead us in such a manner.

I have a family member who works for Big Name Christian Universities and very well versed in the scriptures, yet move at best as a mere babe in Christ. The reason I believe​ is that many are underdeveloped within their spiritual relationship with God; or worse, perhaps they have been “cut off” in their spiritual life as they have “chosen” to become diverted away from the Lord and have dried up only fit to be burnt. The reason for this is they are actually practicing another “form of Godliness” rather than being crucified in Christ, and being raised to newness of life!

Nowadays it is my firm belief that modern-day “temple worship” has once again replaced simply following Christ in spirit and in truth, and many have and will be deceived by those who preach anything but Christ, and Him Crucified.

The bottom line is, you can’t teach people into Jesus, and only those who have been given the chance to become the sons and daughters of God must push into His Kingdom (which Jesus taught was within us)– and not orchestrated organizations, who have never seen Him nor Known Him!

Either you’re “in Christ” or you’re not. It is not a matter of being “into Jesus Christ” it is a matter of Him being in you.



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3 responses to “So obvious, it’s complicated!

  1. homewardboundisblueangel

    Thank you,this is very well said.

    • I very much appreciate your encouragement! And, as you may have noticed, I have now “cleaned up my grammar and spelling errors”, as sometimes I post impulsively as the Spirit moves, and I don’t concern myself with the letter. That is until someone actually reads and comments on a post I rushed to publish! May the Lord bless you, as he has blessed me with your comment!!!

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